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Rachel Maddow's entire show on Monday, October 25, 2010, at 9:00 pm EST will be devoted to a special on the assassination of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller in 2009, entitled:  The Assassination of Dr. Tiller.

A preview of the special is here:


I was interviewed for the special, as Dr. Tiller was a personal friend and colleague.  From seeing the preview, it looks like they have also gotten interviews with some of the more controversial anti-abortion figures, including the always nutty Randall Terry.


Ms. Magazine did an in depth look at the connections between Roeder and the anti-abortion fringe:



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True to Rachel's history and character, I expect this to be a telling expose of the "connections" between Scott Roeder, Dr. Tiller's convicted assassin, and the various anti-abortion groups who terrorized and harassed Dr. Tiller, his family, his staff, and his patients for years.

"How many lone wolves does it take to make a pack?"
That was my money quote that I kept repeating because law enforcement and the public have always dismissed any link between the various anti-abortion assassins and bombers over the years and any wider conspiracy.

"Lone wolves" committed all these assassinations...yeah, right.

   Assassinated Abortion Providers:

    5/2009 - George Tiller MD
    10/1998 - Barnett Slepian MD
    1/1998 - Officer Robert Sanderson
    12/1994 - Clinic Worker Shannon Lowney
    12/1994 - Clinic Worker Leanne Nichols
    7/1994 - John Bayard Britton MD
    7/1994 - Escort James Barrett
    3/1993 - David Gunn MD

We have recently learned though that the FBI is presently delving deeper into Scott Roeder's associations and there is allegedly a Federal Grand Jury investigation.

Those of us in the abortion rights movement have long known that these anti-abortion zealots talk amongst each other and whip people up into such a frenzy over abortion, abortion clinics, abortion workers and abortion patients that many incidences of violence and murder have taken place over the years.

Bill O'Reilly even joined in the fray with his incessant "Tiller-The-Killer" taunts.

Here is a complete list of acts of anti-abortion violence from the National Abortion Federation.

This is no coincidence.

And, I'm sure that if these kind of events had taken place at McDonald's over the years that it would have been stopped by now.

I also don't think that it's any coincidence that most all of these events of major violence took place during the "pro-choice" administration of Bill Clinton.  Note that on the other hand, during the "anti-abortion" George W. Bush 8 years, there were no major incidents.  Then, just 3 months after "pro-choice" Barack Obama takes office, Dr. Tiller is assassinated.

This seems to indicate that the violent fringe anti-abortion domestic terrorists resort to major acts of violence to compensate when they are not in political power.

This is truly a daunting scenario, and reflects some of the concerns with the broader violent right-wing fringe movements currently dominating the political discourse.

They are all implying that if they don't get their way through the political process that they will resort to acts of violence.

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Originally posted to Hot Flash Report on Sun Oct 24, 2010 at 07:55 AM PDT.

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