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While the usual liberal weenies get the vapors, fact is Jack Conway's ad on Rand Paul's religious past is accurate.

The woman, who again asked for anonymity because she's a clinical psychologist who works with former members of the military, including Tea Partyers, said she was surprised that Paul is still refusing to acknowlege his past views and the college antics they spawned.

"My whole point in sharing [the episode] was that Randy used to be a different person with different views that have radically changed, and he's not acknowledging that," she told me. "That is why I shared it in the first place."

She added that his college years and views should raise questions "as to how genuine he is about his beliefs now. I have a hard time seeing how someone who espouses beliefs that he used to would turn around and become a conservative Christian."

She confirmed the ad's accuracy, and wondered aloud why Paul doesn't just admit what occured and move on.

"Yes, he was in a secret society, yes, he mocked religion, yes, the whole Aqua Buddha thing happened," she said. "There was a different side to him at one time and he's pretending that it never existed. If he would just acknowledge it, it would all go away and it wouldn't matter anymore."

Rand Paul is trying to sell the voters of Kentucky an image of himself that doesn't live up to his history. Liberals get the vapors anytime a Democrat throws a punch, demanding that religion be ceded exclusively to the GOP.

This race is closing, even Rasmussen sees serious tightening, and in a tough year, we can pull out a victory in crimson red Kentucky. Yet here we are wasting time and energy defending Jack Conway from liberals getting the vapors over a campaign ad that is factually true. There has probably been more liberal ink spilled on this single ad, than in all the falsehoods in Karl Rove's bullshit ads.

[Karl Rove and the US Chamber] are flooding airwaves across the country with a massive, secret-donor-funded campaign that's designed to tip control of Congress with a campaign of misinformation, distortions and falsehoods that have been widely debunked by independent fact checkers but nonetheless have attracted little to no notice [...]

Rove and the Chamber are laughing all the way to a quasi-bought-and-paid-for Congressional majority. Because the stuff the voters are seeing isn't being challenged in any significant way or subjected to any high-profile media scrutiny -- certainly nothing along the lines of the scrutiny that was rightly applied to White House and Dem claims about the Chamber. For some reason, no one wants to go there.

But by all means, weenie liberals, get the vapors over Conway's truthful ad. Please! We've got nothing better to do the last two weeks before the election than to rush to the GOP's defense. We're liberals! We're stupid that way. Like this, from the useless New Republican:
The Most Despicable Ad of the Year

There are still two weeks left until the midterm elections, but it’s not too early to declare a winner in the contest for the most despicable political ad of this campaign season. On Friday night, Jack Conway, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky, released a 30-second spot questioning the Christian faith of his Republican opponent Rand Paul. Conway’s ad focused on two episodes from Paul’s days as a college student in the early 1980s.

The New Republican can't die soon enough (and it will), along with the rest of the Beltway liberal media establishment. They are all useless, the lot of them. In a year in which Rove and the Chamber have flooded the airwaves with pure bullshit, where Latinos have been demonized in the most hateful anti-immigration ads, where Republicans are still talking about health care death panels, this is what Jason Zengerle thinks is the most despicable ad of the year? What a pile of horseshit!

We liberals are oftentimes our own worst enemies, and never more so than when we think we're earning brownie points by being "reasonable" in the face of an opposition that has their jaws fixed firmly on our jugular. If you don't want to play tough, then fine. Shut the fuck up. Or go hang out with "reasonable" politicians like Susan Collins, Ben Nelson, and Joe Lieberman. Leave the Dems who want to fight the fuck alone. You're certainly not doing anything positive to help get them elected.


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Originally posted to Daily Kos on Tue Oct 19, 2010 at 01:20 PM PDT.

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