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As the smoke clears on this midterm election, the two parties will form their own simpleminded reasons as to why they won and lost. While some variables are a given - such as voters who can't stomach African Americans in office,  moronic idiots who don't realize the received a tax cut this past year as they rail against the party that gave it to them, and an economy which makes some forget HOW AND WHY the economy got like this - some other reasons don't seem to be so well known to our candidates. So, Democratic representatives - if you are listening - let's clear the air on that.


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You didn't lose because:

-- Your luck is bad, or
-- Your message got drowned out, or
-- The media was against you, or
-- The voters didn't get out, or
-- President Obama was a negative, or
-- Nobody knew your accomplishments, or
-- The economy was so bad your ouster was a given.

You lost because:

-- You have been scared, indecisive little mice for the last four years.

-- You have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to craft a marketing message that is simple and strong, explains accomplishments in REAL PERSON, REAL ENVIRONMENT sort of way, and pushes buttons.

-- You worried more about polls and less about your party.

-- You considered yourself a proud "independent" who will vote his/her mind on issues where the party desperately needed you to vote their way.

-- You went against our President - a President who needed to make change in this country and found a roadblock with the Senators and Congresspeople in his own party.

-- You wasted time trying to compromise with republicans. They want nothing more than to see you destroyed.

-- You mistook indecisiveness and half-wins as some kind of accomplishment. It's not. The public wants strength and decisiveness in their party. How do you think Bush won a second term? It wasn't because he was right on anything.

-- You had a majority leader in the Senate who couldn't be more useless. He reeks of weakness, folds at any opportunity, and the public knows this.

-- You don't learn from the past - and it looks like you never will.


You didn't win because:

-- Your ideas are better, or
-- Your opinions are moral, or
-- The country is on your side, or
-- The country hates the President, or
-- Your fear-bating, nasty, ugly, cynical approach to politicking is correct.

You won because:

-- You crafted a simple message for a public that is too stupid to remember the past.

-- You appealed to those who are racist, callous, selfish, ignorant, angry and fed that negativity.

-- You won by making the country lose. You must be so proud of yourself for destroying our only chance to get out of this recession - and if you don't understand why you're wrong, you're too stupid to hold your position.

Now. Lets wipe the slate clean and look at reality. Democrats, you have a party in power now that, like the previous four years, plans to accomplish nothing and blame you. I know. You're saying to yourself, "How can they blame us now when they have the majority vote in the congress?" Well, just like they blamed you for eight years when you had NO VOTE majorities in both houses. Propaganda. You have to learn to fight dirty. I am sick and tired of saying this. Most of us are. You have to fight dirty and win. If you don't, if you feel that your good intentions will win out just simply because they are good, you are the most naive people on the planet.

I have been a democrat my entire life. I am exhausted at this argument. It's the same thing every time. Get a fucking backbone, stand up for something and be willing to fall into the abyss over it. That is the only way you will win respect.

Otherwise, the republicans, who shouldn't hold a job at McDonalds let alone power in Washington, will roughshod over you for decades to come. And it will be your fault - again.

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Originally posted to VerbalPaintball on Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 03:42 AM PDT.

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