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It was an interesting election here. We defeated a Republican candidate for Governor who was popular enough to get elected previously, a slug fest between a Democrat in name only & his clone opponent, a true progressive Senator & a hotly debated slots issue. The way things turned out indicates that embracing Obama & the administration's achievements pay off. It also illustrated just how far Republicans will go to win an election.


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Many thanks to the local channel WBAL-TV who uncovered a voting plot by, we can only assume, Ehrlich's bunch. The call came from a 202 area code, the area code for Washington, DC. No records are listed for the number in phone databases which is illegal in Maryland, BTW.

"I'm calling to let everyone know that Governor O'Malley and President Obama have been successful," a woman's voice on the recording said. "Our goals have been met. Our polls were correct and we (unintelligible). We're OK. Relax. Everything is fine. The only thing left is to watch on TV tonight. Congratulations and thank you."

Our polls don't close til 8pm & the calls came in around 6 pm. WBAL went on the air, internet, twitter, & facebook to caution people it was a sham. If not for their efforts another creative voter suppression technique might have worked. This far exceeds the last election efforts in 2006 when on the day he was scheduled to vote absentee, Ehrlich refused to answer questions about a manual produced by the Maryland Republican Party which gave detailed instructions to poll workers on how to challenge the ability of Marylanders to cast their votes!

Gotta wonder about a party that thinks the only way they can win is to stop certain classes of people from participating in the process. One nation under god indeed.

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Originally posted to mamaeps on Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 01:32 PM PDT.

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