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It was a great night to be a Democrat in Hawaii last night.  The cheers and high-fives at Neil Abercrombie Headquarters on Ala Moana Blvd nearly brought tears to my eyes when the first print out was announced.  Eight years of Republican ruin was over.  Both of our Congresspersons, Mazie Hirono and Colleen Hanabusa, held insurmountable leads despite a huge influx of mainland rovian republican money.  


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Abercrombie 58%
Aiona 41%

1st Congressional District (urban Honolulu):
Collen Hanabusa 53%
Djou (incumbant for 6 months) 46%
This counts as taking back a seat from the Republicans

2nd Congressional District (rural Honolulu and Outer Islands):
Rep. Mazie Hirono 72%
whoever it was 25%

Sen. Daniel Inouye 74%
some repub 21%
Sen. Dan Inouye has won his 9th term.  He is President Pro Tempore of the Senate and is 3rd in line to be President.  He is Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.  Thats some powerful stuff.

Ok, so embracing the progressive agenda, the unions, and Obama worked in Hawaii.  Neil won doing so.
Unions still get out the vote here in Hawaii.  Democrats all over need to maintain those Union alliances and strengthen them.  

Non Hispanic caucasions make up 25% of the population of Hawaii.  We here in Hawaii are way ahead of the demographic curve coming to the mainland.  Mainlanders:  you see how Hawaii voters vote Democratic? 72%!!! In 10 years or so your demographics will approach ours. Stay strong!

I remember Neil giving speeches against the Viet Nam war at the University of Hawaii, and he is still a progressive we can be proud of.  His running mate, Brian Schatz, has been the Chair of the Hawai`i Democratic Party and has become a great organizer for the party--he too is a progressive. Neil is in his 70s and still going strong.  His speeches are fiery. Brian should be a worthy successor to whatever seat he ends up in.

It was a great night in Hawaii.
Aloha from Hawaii.

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Originally posted to windwardguy46 on Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 02:15 PM PDT.

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