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After a week with a bumper crop of meta diaries (Ta Ta For Now, Good Bye Cruel World, and Close Screen And Take A Day Off), it came to light*  that we do not have any place to go for answers to our burning questions about blogging etiquette on the Great Orange Satan.

So lets all huddle around the campfire and toast our ... um ... marshmallows while we sing kumbaya and gather for one more meta diary. This one a Helpful Meta Diary about EtiKos.



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Too hot for ya? Okay. Let’s cool it down a little:


Now on to the burning questions:

Dear Miss Mayta,

My BFF did a TTFN (not a GBCW or a CSATADO) and I don’t know if I should rec or HR the tip jar or post a "DON’T LEAVE BFF! n/t" comment or pretend I never saw it. OMG. BRB.

Singed Signed,


Dear BoTB,
First, being of a certain age and propensity, I had to run your letter through my Internet  Acronym to Human Language Interpreter so that I could figure out what your dilemma was.

Oh my! That is indeed a problem. If you recommend it, does that mean that you approve of your BFF leaving and perhaps even appear to be encouraging it? If you don't recommend the diary are you saying that you do not want your BFF's leaving to be seen as a source of great pain (and the resultant outpouring of love by all things Kossackian) and to make the "wreck list"? We think you should close the diary and pretend you never saw it. "Spending more time with your family" is always an excellent excuse. QED.

Dear Miss Mayta,
Someone was mean to me and I wanted to Hide Rate them but the rules in the FAQ clearly state: "Do not troll rate someone you are actively having a fight with". What I decided to do instead was to Hide Rate them, wait for their whining complaint, then remove my Hide Rating thereby making them look ridiculous. Is this even meaner than a Hide Rating and is it a bannable offense?

Hiding from the wRath


Dear HR (cute name, by the way),
Miss Mayta will not weigh in on what a bannable offense is as that is something that only the Overlord Meteor Blades can determine (and because we are probably already skating on thin ice here). However, the HR being used to incite foolish looking comments seems pretty hilarious deeply troubling from an ethical standpoint. Since the answer to most moral dilemmas is to post a pootie pic, we will leave you with this:


Do you have a question for Miss Mayta? The lines InterToobz are open...


About Miss Mayta: Born a perfect blogger in an imperfect Internet society, Miss Mayta is the pioneer mother of today’s EtiKos movement. Her tireless efforts to expand the understanding and exercise of EtiKos beyond the stereotypical terror of not having enough Cheetos will probably not only escape official notice but may result in cries of "NOT A DIARY!!". As a manners-free existence can lead to frequent HRination, dysfunctional online communities and keyboard rage we call out for, nay!, demand a return to common courtesy...and the fork on the left side of the plate (even though that makes no sense at all).  
(with apologies to Judith Martin)

*h/t smileycreek: "Maybe DK4 needs a "Miss Kossack" column to address such dilemmas" in response to my question: "What is the protocol on that? Are we supposed to rec someone who is leaving or just leave a "don't go!!" comment. Miss Manners does not seem to have an answer for me..."

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Originally posted to JanF's Blogiating on Sat Nov 13, 2010 at 05:34 PM PST.

Also republished by EtiKos.

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