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This week the Wall Street Journal reported on how a Jailhouse Lawyer Freed himself after 16 years of wrongful prosecution.

Jabbar Collins became his own lawyer and tricked witness by acting as prosecution seeking to recreate notes after 9/11. He now works as a paralegal who is preparing his lawsuit against the Prosecutor and State.

Jabbar Collins WSJ w Video Story
Previously the USA Today ran a story in September on how prosecutors sought a conviction success rate as paramount above ethics.

USA Today Prosecution Reform Needed

Hillary Swank portrayed Betty Waters, who studied the law and freed her brother from wrongful conviction after 18 years. Unfortunately, the wrongfully convicted Kenneth Waters passed away several months after his release

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The Innocence Project released a movie that documented several cases of prosecutorial misconduct and wrongful convictions. The Docu-Drama Movie entitled After Innocence - won several major awards; including Sundance and Independent Film Festival of Boston.

After Innocence Film

You can also see additional items on Innocence Project at

Innocence Project

Our Charity (ACT4Justice.com) decided to report on the Jabbar Collins story independently

Jabbar Collins Freed WordPress Blog

In the WordPress Blog you can see additional items such as Huffington Post story and more links will be added soon.

It is this writer's contention that lack of education is the enemy of our nation. Currently China is excelling (though the numbers are not from the Entire country) - where scholastic tests put American students way below other nations in accomplishments.

Our purported above criminalistic averages are directly correlate to the lack of education of poor youths (This writer wound up in foster homes, childrens homes and reform schools because the schools labeled me as mental deficient).

Everyone in this country should go through Legal 101, immediately after they study English 101.

Previously, being abused by corrupt prosecutors who did reverse corruption (refusing to prosecute their friends and associates); this party took up the study of federal insolvency Code/Rule of Law on the Dept of Justice website. This was to fight cronyism and corruption within the federal courts on eToys, Goldman Sachs, Bain, Wells Fargo.

We have come to realize that many an attorney you know failed English and writing classes; but are successful lawyers today. They are not brilliant people; what they did become was well educated persons.

KUDOs to Betty Waters who won her brothers freedom and finally achieved a settlement from the bad faith prosecutors. Surely such is setting a good stage for Jabbar Collins - an American hero who deserves his own movie and will hopefully devote his life to the pursuit of happiness as well as the encouragement of others to learn from his inflexible dedication to justice.
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Originally posted to laserttheliquidator on Sat Dec 25, 2010 at 04:55 PM PST.


Should Corrupt Prosecutors suffer Prosecution

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