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I've worked in health care all my life, from office help to pharmacy tech to X-Ray tech to being in private practice.  I've watched HMO's ruin health care in California, and I've seen people, including patients of mine and my own brother, fall through the system's cracks and literally die from lack of decent health insurance coverage.

Quality health care for all, regardless of ability to pay, is a moral imperative.

It's personal for me.

It's time for  California OneCare to become law in California.  Passed twice by California legislature, it has been vetoed twice by Governor Schwartzenegger.  Will new Governor Jerry Brown be the one to sign Senate Bill 810 into law?  Join or follow this group for updates, videos, and news on what you can do to help.


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Wondering what you can do to help?

FIRST: Join or Follow the  Single Payer California Group for updates and a place to gather and organize.

See also nyceve's group,  Single Payer Kos. Yes, there is overlap between the two groups, but the more eyeballs we can jointly bring to this issue the better.  I will also be republishing diaries from Single Payer Kos to this group and invite you to do the same.  Follow both groups if you don't want to miss a thing!

A note about Groups:  To follow this group, just click the little red heart next to the Group name, and all diaries will flow into your stream. This is like subscribing: You do not need to join the group as a member unless you want to publish diaries to the group.

If you wish to become a Group member and publish diaries, just send a message to smileycreek and I will send you an invitation to join.

All Single Payer-related diaries, not just those regarding California, can be re-published to the group.  If you've written a Single Payer diary any state,or see one you think should be included, just drop me a message and I'll re-publish it to the group.

SECOND: Help dispel the myths about Single Payer.  Get the facts from the  California OneCare Campaign.

"Single payer is no more socialized medicine than the police department is socialized crime fighting."

THIRD:  Sign the Petition

We the undersigned call on the Legislature and the Governor to enact Senate Bill 810 (Leno) to provide comprehensive, high quality health care for all Californians. SB 810 is based on the following principles:

-One health insurance plan (single payer) that covers every California resident

-High quality care and comprehensive benefits, and choice of your own personal doctor

-Affordable for individuals, families and businesses


Donate to  California OneCare here.

FIFTH: If you want to follow news and information on Single Payer California more closely, sign up for  Google Alerts.  Type Single Payer or Single Payer California into the box and alerts will be delivered to your email on a daily basis.

SIXTH: Tell Us Your Story in the comments.  Why you're a member or following this group, and why Single Payer is important to you.  Let's get to know each other as we move forward.

And Remember:

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Originally posted to Single Payer California on Mon Feb 21, 2011 at 04:45 PM PST.

Also republished by J Town, Healthcare Reform - We've Only Just Begun, California politics, Single Payer: The Fight for Medicare for All, Butte County kossacks of CA-01, and Progressive Hippie.

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