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You are in the the 119th Child Diary of the Liveblog of the 2011 uprisings throught North Africa and the Middle East.  We stand with our international friends and their courageous struggle for dignity, self-determination and human rights.

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The liveblog is for witnessing, for other actions see the group page.
Another diary from our group, a Bahrain photojournal from flyswatterbanjo .

LIBYA: It's very shocking what's happening in Libya. Some recent tweets:

GinaRClark 3:40pm via web

RT @sultanalqassemi: Al Jazeera breaking: Multiple reports confirm that military airplanes are bombing protesters in Tripoli. #Libya

reports are that things are pretty gruesome in Tripoli. WARNING: I've never seen anything so horrific and sickening. Not for the squeamish, this level of witnessing. Make sure you have ways to take care of yourself if you take this in.
stonekat 3:40pm via web

RT @ShababLibya: BREAKING: eye witness just in, foreign mercenaries are now back in Derna, all local women inside men are outside defending #Libya #Feb17

emadjiggy 3:40pm via web

RT @nusibab: Thank you Sheikh Qaradawi for making it permissible for the army to kill Gaddafi.. #libya #feb17

yep. a fatwa.

Gaddafi gave a short and very odd speech from a car this evening:

"I am satisfied, because I was speaking in front of the youth in the Green Square tonight, but the rain came praise to God it bears well. I want to clarify for them that I am in Tripoli not in Venezuela. Do not believe these channels they are dogs. Goodbye."
Simone Daud explains that he used the phrase "blind dogs", referring what he called political opponents in a speech made in the 1970's. He later massacred those people.

Please forgive that I haven't put in more. It felt more important to get a new diary up.

More regional tidbits after the fold....

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BAHRAIN: Protesters continue to occupy Pearl Roundabout and are finalizing their demands ahead of talks with the king:

MANAMA, Bahrain — Teachers, lawyers and engineers marched into Pearl Square on Sunday, joining an emboldened opposition whose political leaders demanded that the king dissolve the government and fire his uncle, who has held the post of prime minister for 40 years, before they agree to enter into talks.
Frustrations continue as protesters perceive the government is still not be open and honest about what has happened in the past week:
freedomprayers 2:13am via Twitter for BlackBerry®

RT @emoodz: We buried 6 martyrs, a fact still ignored by local press, tv and radio #bahrain #lulu #f1

WARNING: DISTURBING. Scroll by fast if you're not up for it.
Since they aren't being documented by the government, the people are doing what they can to make sure the deaths are not forgotten or anonymous.

YEMEN: Apparently, President Saleh took only 3 questions at a press conference today and gave his perspective of the region's democracy movement :

postoditacco 2:24am via TweetDeck

RT @EANewsFeed: #Yemen: President Saleh press conference - Democracy movement is "contagious disease...a flu" http://tinyurl.com/... #Jan25 #SidiBouzid

Oh, look, Yemeni's are competing with Libya for larges "Shoeing":

perhaps this will become de rigeur of the Pan-Arab Revolutions.

IRAN: Protesters were thwarted today by a huge police presence in Tehran.

Witnesses said a heavy deployment of riot police and Basij militiamen in key Tehran squares including Haft-e Tir ensured that anti-government demonstrators were unable to stage significant protests.
Support rallies were held around the world in Sweden, London and beyond. This one was in Toronto:

ALGERIA: was quiet on Sunday. Demonstrators there say they will march every Saturday. The president did say he would lift the state of emergency by the end of the month, so we'll have see if he follows through and how the people will respond if he does not.

Morocco: The first demonstrations in Moroc were held on Sunday :

The demonstrators called for reforms to open up the political system, a monarchy in which King Mohammed VI holds virtually all power, behind a parliamentary façade. Banners declared, “The king must reign not govern” and “The people want a new constitution.” People chanted, “Down with autocracy,” and many carried Tunisian and Egyptian flags, to show their sympathy for the popular uprisings in those countries.

In an effort to head off unrest, the government has proposed €1.4 billion in additional subsidies for food and other staple goods, and there was no attempt by police to suppress the demonstrations. In Rabat the city’s bus service was shut down to prevent people reaching the march site.

Making ready in Morocco:

EGYPT: Michael Moore's site has a message from Egyptian workers to those demonstrating in Wisconsin:

We Stand With You as You Stood With Us': Statement to Workers of Wisconsin by Kamal Abbas of Egypt's Centre for Trade Unions and Workers Services

The poster in the background shows photographs of some of the recent young victims of the Mubarak government. The writing says they are among the martyrs of the 25 January Revolution.

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Our Egyptian brethren articulated what people around the region are fighting for, though variations to the theme may exist from country to country. banner held by protesters and translated to English:

1 The departure of Moubarak
2 An end to the current Parliament
3 An end of the state of emergency
4 The creation of a national united government
5 A parliament elected by the people to modify the constitution and run the presidentials elections
6 Put those responsible for the killings on trial
7 Put those responsible for stealing the country's money and other acts of corruption on trial

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Note: The Mothership Diary is the place to go for a complete list of resources.

Al Jazeera English - Watch Live (the Youtube link below should work for Mac users unable to load this.)

Al Jazeera live also available on
   Dish Network channel 9410
   DirecTV: Channel 375 Link

Al Jazeera on Facebook

Al Jazeera Live on YouTube
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BBC Reports
BBC Middle East is doing specific Egypt coverage

WorldWideTahrir{NEW} : Worldwide protests being organized to coincide with the upcoming ones in Egypt.
bicycle Hussein paladin - Why Iran 1979 Went to the Islamists and This One Won't
weasel - Updates on the Egyptian Protests

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@speaktotweet: Egyptian Voice Tweets on Twitter

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