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I see you there, sitting against the wooden cross you brought with you; the prayers taped haphazardly to the top of the white structure. I see you there, bowed head, sanctimony abound, extolling your beliefs for all to see. I see you there, I know what you are doing. I know what is behind the fake two-faced smile, and the feigned righteousness. Insecurity. Fear. Ignorance. You have no idea what you are protesting, and yet there you are, head bowed before the white structure you placed directly outside the building's side window. I get it, Mr. Protester. You are doing this for visibility, and you do it to shame the people inside the building for using Planned Parenthood services.

But tell me, Mr. Faux Piety, what are your true intentions? You say you do it because your God abhors abortion. You say you do it because you "care" about the unborn children. But how much do you really care, Mr. Faux Piety?


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Do you care enough to support programs like WIC and SNAP that help these poor mothers who made the "virtuous decision" to keep the child? If your answer is no, Mr. Protester, I would suggest pack up and leave. You are not "pro-life" as you claim, as you do not support life, not at all. Do you care enough about the children to support tax increases on large corporations to help fund programs like WIC, SNAP, Housing Subsidies and other essential safety net to ensure these children have a roof over their head and food to eat?

My dear Mr. Faux Piety, are you a republican by chance? I would bet dollars to donuts you are, just by looking at your "Repeal Obamacare" bumper sticker. How is it that you get to call yourself "pro-life" and yet you support the repeal of something that will, in the end, save lives? What else do you propose, Mr. "Pro-life"? We let people die in the streets of curable diseases? Doesn't sound very "pro-life" to me.

And yet you stand there, sure as shit in your completely contradictory opinions, bowing before two pieces of wood nailed together and praying that women will have essential family planning services yanked right out of their hands. Not just wishing, not just really really hoping that women wont be able to plan when they have a family, but praying for it. Hypocrite. Fucking hypocrite.

The part that escapes the most, the thing that makes me want to rip my fucking hair out, is that Mr. Protester doesn't see this when he looks in the mirror. He sees a morally upright Christian making sure the sinners know where they are going. Doesn't matter to him if the "sinners" have been raped, or have to abort the pregnancy because it might kill the mother, no, it doesn't even matter if the "sinner" is just going into planned parenthood just to get condoms, birth control, or STD tests. To him, we are all sinners, in need of a shaming.

Mr. Upright Christian Protester, I see you for what you are. An annoying anti-choice pest who has no real solutions to offer besides no abortion and abstinence only education making a thinly veiled attempt to shame people into staying away and not using Planned Parenthood. I see what you are and what you do and its fucking despicable, and it isn't us that should be ashamed. It should be you.

But, Mr. Faux Piety, you are only one person, and luckily, the only person who shames himself with such displays of ignorance. Most people, as you know, do not support you. I see the amount of honks and middle fingers you get. I gave you another, just for good measure.

I need a shower.

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Originally posted to word. on Tue Feb 22, 2011 at 07:46 PM PST.

Also republished by Pro Choice, The Amateur Left, and Abortion.

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