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As is obvious to anyone who has glanced at the front page diaries and rec list over the last week and more, the protests in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and elsewhere for labor rights is a huge issue for Progressives and Democrats across the country.

I don't think it unreasonable to suggest that the growing power of large corporations and their wealthy owners to influence the legislative process at the state level is being exposed for all to see in the light of the naked union-busting provisions of the laws workers in these states are standing up against.

All across the country Progressives and Democrats are standing with the people of Wisconsin and other states in demanding that these laws be scrapped.  Laws that cripple workers' rights to organize and bargain collectively with employers have nothing to do with balancing state budgets and everything to do with busting unions and furthering the agendas of large corporations and their owners.

Here in Asheville this Saturday at noon at the Park Square stage in front of the Courthouse, the people of Western North Carolina will have a chance to gather together to show their support for our fellow citizens who are protesting in their own home states.  And in standing with them we will also be letting our own legislature, now controlled by Republicans with similar corporate agenda goals for North Carolina, that we will not stand idly by while they pass legislation that hurts workers and their families here in our state.

I unexpectedly happened to be in attendance at last night's Buncombe County Democratic Party meeting, and this Saturday's rally was announced to the large turnout there.  And emails I've received show that the event is being "sponsored and organized" by "MoveOn.org, Democracy for America, PCCC, Van Jones, US Action, True Majority, Color of Change, CREDO, National People's Action, Center for Community Change, Courage Campaign and Progressive Majority".  So, I'm hoping for a good turnout; and I'm hoping all of you will be there as well.

So please mark your calendar.  The forecast is Sunny with a high of 57; ideal weather for standing up to Republican politicians and their corporate funders, and standing up for working families all across our country.


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