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Some of you know me and many don't, but one of the many activites I've been involved with over the last year includes professionally working w/campaigns and legislative offices on their social media efforts.  And as a "busman's hobby" I spend my free time helping them with other things- whether they are clients or not.  This diary is one I've wanted to write for a long time, and I sincerely hope it's only the first in a series...


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When I was in DC in January I had the honor of talking a whole bunch of House Comms Staffers about us- the Netroots- how to approach us, how to be successful in working with the Netroots to advance the Democratic agenda.  There were over 30 staffers in the room that day, most from the Progressive Caucus- but not all and they were excited to have the chance to learn a bit more of the dos and don'ts.  

Some even admitted they and they're bosses were apprehensive about blogging and interacting with the Netroots until I explained to them that we bark, loud and often, but rarely do we bite.  After that presentation I got to spend time with a number of staffers over the following week, talking more about blogging, social media and a whole host of other fun stuff.  And I made the same offer to all of them with this disclaimer:  I'm no blogging wonk & I'm not a superstar- I blog about pooties and soups for the most part- but I do know people and I do have a Comm background.  Then I offered to help them put together Blogger Conference Calls...think press conference on the phone with nothing but Bloggers from all over the country.  An opportunity for the Rep. and their staff to interact with Bloggers and for Bloggers to ask questions they may not get to directly ask otherwise.

And today I'm thrilled to announce that Rep. Rangel's staff have taken me up on this offer.  Today we sent out the following invitation:

You're invited to join Rep. Charlie Rangel and members of his staff for his first ever Blogger Conference Call at 8 pm EST on Tuesday, March 8.

Rep. Rangel and staff will brief us on what's going on with the Budget negotiations and will spend some time talking about what's been going on in Wisconsin and other states as the GOP tries to tear down collective bargaining and the unions.

I am honored to have been asked to moderate this call.  Due to time constraints we'd like to ask that you email me your questions for Rep. Rangel at progressivepst@gmail.com.  We will get through as many of the questions as we can and if there are any we don't get to, the staff will go through and answer them and we will forward out a copy of the answers to all call attendees.

To be included on this call, please RSVP to progressivepst@gmail.com and you will be mailed the conference bridge information.

All bloggers are invited to attend this Bloggers Call.

We look forward to talking with you on March 8th!

Beth Becker

Yep, that means you...and you ...and you... and your other blogger friends.  And if you happen to live in Rep. Rangel's district all the better!

I have other offices that will be doing these and I will come back to invite you to those as well.  I also have some cool stuff I'm working w/the folks at Netroots Nation on...but we're not ready to let those pooties out of the bag yet :)

So come one, come all...and don't forget to email me your questions!

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