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This one's a dwarf after my own heart today so advanced apologies if I come off as overly - sensitive or "witchy" tonight.


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So, let's move onward, upward, inward, outward, and any other direction - ward. On March 3, 1991, in a case that sparked a national outcry, motorist Rodney King was severely beaten by Los Angeles police officers in a scene captured on amateur video. And, remember, boys & girls, this was in the day when not every cell phone had a camera or recorder & stuff; the chance that his beating would've been captured on tape was a million to 1. And, this beating was one we just happened to see.


Maybe, a little SPARK will cheer me up a bit. Can I please be a fly on the wall for this chat?! Frankly, I'm rooting for the porn actor! OK...I found a SPARKy item that made me feel better; I want to have this radio guy's baby!!!!!!!!!


"People" who refuse to accept their side LOST the Civil War are pi$$ed at the History Channel. Well, they are the HISTORY Channel - not the - willfully - ignorant - won't - let - it - go - channel!

Ah, those crazy laugh - a - minute Texans...we need to begin a collection for this kid's therapy TODAY. I at least hope a lap dance was on the house!

Speaking of lap dances, I'd SO give one to this guy; yes, it's the radio guy from above again, but I just LOVE IT!! :D :D :D :D :D

On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"GOP Shellacking" AKA "ARReSTinG DeVeLOPMeNT" - The GOBP got their a$$es handed to them not only in 2008 but also 2006, too. Y'all remember that?! Then, the RNC felt like it needed to have a "black guy" represent them, too, and they gave us YEARS of comedy material by giving us Michael Steele. ;D The GOBP is now led by "Dawg the Bounty Hunter" because bounty hunters are after the WI Dem 14. Ya' know, Chicago's an awfully damn big city. Are cops or whoever just gonna wander the Windy City looking for them with occasional deep - dish pizza breaks?!


Uh...Rachel, I lurve you more than my luggage, but you're FROM the San Francisco area; no "drinking the Kool - Aid" references, please? Thanks!

I didn't know cops went to the Dems' houses to prevent them FROM leaving! Good sparkin' grief... *&^%$#@!

OH...OK...the Dems will only get "cuffed & stuffed" if they go back to WI. And, it's even in the darn state Constitution that state legislators CANNOT BE ARRESTED while they are in session! The GOBP State Senate Majority "Leader" is ready to use private "contractors" to find those meddling Dems if law enforcement peeps refuse to do so.

Senator Jon Erpenbach's getting to be quite the regular while all this WI stuff is going on! Is he getting paid? It's not meant in snark; he SHOULD be getting paid by MSNBC or someone! All the Dems want is the collective bargaining stuff to be put in the big budget bill so it can actually be debated for the next few months. I guess patience isn't one of Governor Walker's virtues - if it's indeed all about the budget & not about busting unions. ;D Some state workers moved their desks outside today?! WOW!


Protesters can't be in the Capitol building tonight but can return tomorrow (?). Is that correct? I've been in that building! :)

"OH No They Didn't!" - FAUX News has their own little Governor & their own little state in the "honorable" John Kasich from Ohio. He even raised money for his campaign on the Mannity's show! Was that before or after the Mannity was waterboarded?! He called a cop an "idiot"? Ya' know, if you or I would've done that, WE would've been in jail so fast our heads would spin! Oh, but he did apologize; it was actually sort of a real apology, too. Now, he's going to strip cops union rights!


Dems are so outnumbered in the Buckeye State that it'll do no good for those Dem Senators to "go all IL" in their situation. AND, these union stripping efforts are actually going to affect more people there than in WI. Their emergency budget bill also includes a ban on same - sex marriage. That has...what...to do with their budget?!


A few brave principled GOBPers in the state legislature in OH actually voted AGAINST Governor CallCopsIdiots.


"OH No They Didn't Part Deux" - Dems from OH are chatting up what's going on in their fair state on the floor of Congress! Rep. Tim Ryan made a hell of a speech, and he's on the show tonight. Here's a little ditty for the fire fighters, cops, teachers, etc.! :D

"DiplOBAMAcy" - President Obama told Kodaffy to exit his sorry behind outta Libya today. Wouldn't it be faboo if he'd be that bold & specific about what's going on IN THIS COUNTRY - SPECIFICALLY, THE MID - WEST??!!


A whole lot of countries, including us, are prepping humanitiarian aid if necessary. Check out that kid directing traffic; he's good! :D

"He's Faking It" AKA "GingRICH Quick Scheme" - Newtie's exploring raising money exploring an exploratory committee to explore whether he's got an exploring chance in hell to be exploring POTUS. And, how 'bout Newtie's diversity, boys & girls?! ;D EXPLORING! Huh, who else do we know that is "...perfecting the art of fake politics for fame & profit"?! Newtie used Pearl Harbor Day to pimp his books; he also used Veterans' Day to pimp another book. Did y'all see the title he's given himself - "General Chairman"?! THAT sounds pretty Commie Maoist to me!! He's even bothering Sam Stein's Mom? AND, if you want a Newtie Award, give him $5000 - except if you're a strip club.


Newtie raised $14.5 million in 2010 & spent $13.8 of it on planes, cars, and his own little group run by...NEWTIE. All right...all right...let it not be said that I don't know what my audience likes. ;D

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