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Well I guess it's safe to say that Vice President Joe Biden has some stiff competition when it comes to being a gaffe machine. You would think that Newt Gingrich would understand by now that sometimes it's best to keep the things on your mind, inside of your head. Unfortunately for him, he has yet to learn that. First, let me start off by apologizing to the rest of the nation. Newt did slither out of my home state (although we don't have the misfortune of claiming him as a native.) Our dear friend Newt has found many ways to put his foot in his mouth. He has found many ways to be considered a hypocrite. The reason I bring him up is because he could potentially be the GOP candidate for the presidency.  I think it's fair to say that should he run, he's going to have a tough time. He might not even make it past Super Tuesday.

We all remember Newt's roll in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. But the funny thing is that while Newt and his buddies were busy trying to oust Clinton, Newt thought it was a bright idea to engage in an affair of his own (al beit not his first.) Now our dear friend Newt has apologized and begged his god for forgiveness and has become a better man. I think he's a hypocrite. This is a man who goes around speaking about "morality" and "christian values" and finds a way to spit on those same things while demonizing others for not living up to his standards. Now of course you are wondering what would make him cheat on his wives. Well leave it to Newt to give you the answer. I honestly think this was one of his funniest mistakes ever. In an interview with CBN's David Brody, Newt filled us in on the reason behind his serial adultery. The reason was, wait for it, he loved America too much. Now ask yourself this. Do you actually think that excuse would work in your life? Suppose you cheat on your spouse. I dare you to try that as you excuse. Newt Gingrich loved America SO much, that he cheated on his wife, divorced her, married the woman he was cheating on his wife with, cheated on her, divorced her, and married the woman he was cheating on the woman he was cheating on his first wife with. It's amazing that ANYBODY would take this man serious when it comes to morality. I do however understand that we are all flawed. So lets move on from the train wreck that is his personal life.

 Lets move on to the 2004 elections. Now we all know that he supported George W. Bush in his successful re-election bid. Now I shall bring in some of that fantastic hypocrisy that Newt is well-known for. He went on Fox News (go figure) and said, "I think maybe the pretzel should become the symbol of the Kerry campaign, because he kind of twists himself into a pretzel trying to fit every group he shows up in front of"  about John Kerry on Hannity & Colmes. So basically he was accusing John Kerry of flip-flopping and that you can't be president and flip-flop. Now here is the big problem with that statement there. Newt Gingrich is one of the biggest flip-floppers to ever flip-flop. He has flip-flopped on many key issues. He flip-flopped on global warming and he recently flip-flopped on the no-fly-zone in Libya. I think it's safe to say that Newt wants to be able to say that he supports everything and opposes everything without being questioned on it. When I say he doesn't want to be questioned, i'm not joking. If your memory fails you, Newt got blitzed by a student at the University of Pennsylvania about his infidelity and blatant  hypocrisy and he wasn't too pleased with it. Newt fails to realize that when you are a politician or a celebrity, the deeds you have done in the past never go away and with so many ways to get news and information out being easily accessible, he will be answering these questions everytime he gives a speech or an interview.

The lesson about how making gaffes could hurt you in the long run has been learned, right? WRONG! Newt just keeps on rolling. Newt is not the most favorite person in the eyes of muslims and secular citizens in this country. He always finds a way to annoy them or insult them. His latest blunder however takes the cake. Newt mixed up his talking points when talking about the "dangers" of atheism and islam. The big problem is that apparently he thinks they are both connected. That they both share a common enemy in America. So Newt Gingrich thinks there is a radical islamic element to atheism. This would create a person who could be classified as an islamist-atheist. It's laughable how a man who speaks so much about atheism or islam understands nothing about neither of the two and is still considered an expert to some people.  If you own a keffiyeh and happen to be non-religious, you are an islamist-atheist. If you are a muslim, you are an islamist-atheist. If you are an atheist, you are an islamist-atheist. If you are a liberal, you are an islamist-atheist. You see where i'm going with this.

I think it is safe to say that Newt could've gave President Obama a tough challenge in 2012. I think he could've been a strong candidate. His problem is that he is competing with Michele Bachmann for the crazy vote and Mitt Romney for the flip-flop vote. He has clearly won those two. Unfortunately for him, his republican buddies are going to tear him apart on his many gaffes. So my question to Newt Gingrich (not like he would answer it) would be simple. Mr. Gingrich, you could be the GOP nominee for the presidency. Why are you determined to sabotage your own campaign before it even gets started?


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