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Hoovervilles - the fastest growing cities in the world.  Things really suck in Hoovervilles but the residents love it!  They wouldn't have it any other way.


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Hoovervilles, otherwise known as vacuum cities, are now rated #1 in the world as the most liveable .  There're also officially the fastest growing cities in the world.  Residents there are happy, plush and comfortable.  Budgets are balanced and services are many.  There is no worry of any government services being cut.  Services within their city limirts  have been privatized for quite some time.  Government here doesn't intrude into people's lives.  It's main job is to make sure individuals (to include corporations) are unfettered by useless oversight and regulation.  

Publicly trickle down economics is the theory of operation.  Privately everyone knows that the real economic system is called "suck-up".  

When you think about the action of sucking one might first be inclined to think of it in negative ways.  You suck or this really sucks comes to mind.  Looked at more closely, however, one comes to realize that the act of sucking usually involves something being moved up or out.  A baby sucks on his or her bottle for instance forcing the milk out.  A water pump sucks water out of a flooded basement or street.  A vacuum cleaner sucks dirt from carpets.  

Hoovervilles are  sucky cities.  They suck wealth.  The rich live in them.  From their cities they run their vacuum cleaners filling their bags with lots of gold dust being sucked from mankind's dustbins.

In this country our politicians love those that live in the Hoovervilles.   The Republicans are on their direct payroll and the Democrats have helped them fix their vacuum machines in the past and history tells us they are going to continue to fix them in the future.  Why?  Because they too receive some of our gold dust!!  Soon I fear the Hooverville vacuum machines will be supercharged and capable of sucking up whole nuggets instead of just dust.  Those nuggets have names with them called Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.  

It really sucks in the Hoovervilles of the world.   It sucks but the residents love it.  I see no problems for these cities on the horizon. Nor do I see any slowing of the growth of the Hoovervilles in this world.  They are thriving.  Things look extremely bright for their residents!

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