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President Obama released his Birth Certificate over 2 years ago.

Clearly, it is not President Obama's fault that Teabaggie Birthers, who repel education & think the Earth is flat, did not know a legal document when they saw one.

Teabaggie Birthers are sad today for two reasons:
1) because they haven't been able to wipe the nasty, smelly egg off their faces from being so ignorant 2 years ago ... so ... they are grabbing for any and all BS non-sense they can to try & wipe their faces clean.

2) because they are scrambling for something, anything to talk about that will keep them in the media spotlight.

These Teabaggie Birthers, all of them - from State Legislators to the US House & Senate Legislators to just your average dumbshit talkshow/tv personality: Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann (who claims to be a lawyer), Rush Limpballs, GlennDUH Beck etc.

The funniest to watch is BS-straw grabbing World Net Daily bloggers. They have a range of BS they are tossing at walls to see "what will stick"
WND BS Toss Includes:

1) World Net Daily Founder Joseph Farah wrote in an email to Talking Points Memo:

"review of our work will show 'natural born citizenship' has always been the key issue ... I don't know where you got the idea that we focused on where he was born,"
HAHA ... can you believe that BS?!?

Today in a World Net Daily EXCLUSIVE all in ONE long blog entry:

Although President Obama released a purported long-form birth certificate today indicating he was born in Hawaii, he still might not fit the constitutional eligibility requirement that stipulates only "natural born" citizens can serve as U.S. president,

An investigation by the authors [Teabaggie Droolers: Aaron Klein & Brenda J. Elliott.] found that according to correspondence from the original framers of the Constitution as well as multiple Supreme Court rulings and the legal writings that helped establish the principles of the Constitution, Obama is not eligible to serve as president since his father was not a U.S. citizen.

Ok, I have actual, factual Historical Documents that prove, beyond any doubt, that the World Net Daily Teabaggie Droolers are 100% wrong ... and I can prove it without using the 14th Amendment.

That's right, without using the 14th Amendment and only using the original, un-altered US Constitution that was ratified in 1787, and with just THREE WORDS, I can prove beyond any doubt that the World Net Daily Teabaggie Droolers are Full of Shit & 100% WRONG.

The THREE WORDS are: President James Buchanan


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The US Constitution was ratified September 1787.

President James Buchanan

-- James Buchanan born 1791 (4 yrs after ratification of US Constitution)

-- James Buchanan's mom and dad BOTH born and raised in Scotland, both immigrated to the USA but:
          never filed an application to become US Citizens,
          never took an Oath or Affirmation in any Court to become US Citizens,
          no record of any Citizenship Application exists in any Court for them,
          they never, ever became US Citizens.
      thus, neither one of President James Buchanan's parents were US Citizens

-- James Buchanan was born on US soil and thus was a US Citizen (even without the 14th Amendment because there was no 14th Amendment in 1791)

-- James Buchanan became President James Buchanan in 1857 (still no 14th Amendment)

-- James Buchanan left office in 1861 (still no 14th Amendment)

But wait, the Drooling Teabaggies at World Net Daily say, Obama can't be a Naturalized US Citizen because his daddy was not a US Citizen ... neither was Buchanan's

Summary, James Buchanan was born on US soil and hence was a Naturalized US Citizen even though ... even though ... both his parents were from Scotland and NEITHER parent ever became a US Citizen.

Thus, President Obama, born in 1961 on US soil, with one parent being a US Citizen is in deed, beyond any factual doubt, a US Citizen.

But nothing about President James Buchanan's heritage and birth place and NON-US Citizen parents is stopping the World Net Daily in their continued coverage of claiming President Obama is not eligible because his daddy was not a US Citizen.

Today ... TODAY Bob Unruh at World Net Daily

The documentation reveals that Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan national subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, was the father when Barack Obama Jr. was born.

That would disqualify Obama because of the Founders' requirement in the Constitution that a president be a "natural born Citizen," commonly understood during the era of the beginnings of the United States to mean a citizen offspring of two citizen parents.

HAHAHA - well, if it were "commonly understood during the era ... to mean a citizen offspring of two citizen parents" what about JAMES BUCHANAN

And, since the Teabaggie Birthers now claim BOTH parents must be US Citizens - and if their new chant is: it were "commonly understood during the era ... to mean a citizen offspring of two citizen parents" then how do they explain President Thomas Jefferson?

President Thomas Jefferson's mother was born and raise in Britain and hence, Thomas Jefferson's mother was "subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom" just as they claim President Obama's father was.

HAHAHAHA - don't you just laugh at their utter ignorance!

I have a hunch that Thomas Jefferson, James Buchanan and the other folks back in 1857 had more knowledge of the "framers intent" and knowledge of who is and is not a Naturalized US Citizen than any of the 21st Century's uneducated, ignorant Teabaggie Birthers over at World Net Daily.

So, as the Teabaggies cry & whine and grab at new BS-straws ... I laugh my ass off at their ignorance.  Their ignorance is so deep and their hatred for President Obama is so blinding to them that 2 years ago they could not recognize a legal birth certificate when they saw it.

The other goods news: Karl Rove hates the Birther movement because the Teabaggie Birther's smelly crazy batshit rubs off onto Rove's beloved Frightwinger Party ... and Rove hates it -- Rove loves hatemongering frightwingers but he hates it when their ignorance and hate attach itself to his favorite candidates.   Much to Rove's dismay, and my pleasure, the Teabaggie Birthers are still up to their batshit crazy "he's not one of us" chants ... HAHAHHA ... I laugh at your pathetic frightwingy-hatemongering party Rove.

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