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Shocking news, I say.


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Jerome Corsi, clown as he is, is the most dangerous man in America to progressives. Spewing some of the most outrageous conspiracy theory lies to ever clog up our nation's arteries, Corsi nevertheless has managed to amass an army of blank eyed, collander hat fans who will believe everything he says. He swift boated John Kerry, wrote Obama Nation in 2008, and gladly sings all the greatest hits you already know: trutherism, the North American union, Wright-Rezko-Ayers, our Muslim President, and on and on and on.

His next book was supposed to kick Obama to the curb, revealing the truth about our Kenyan born, madrassa educated drug-using president to home schooled rubes who are so lazy the weight of their lower jaws keeps their mouths agape, their breath loud and heavy whenever they have to do something strenuous, like get up off the couch. The book, Where's the Birth Certificate, apparently got up to #2 on Amazon, as every dittohead and vacuous "know-it-all" with a few extra dollars not invested in Liberty Dollars and bomb shelter supplies yelled at their kids to shut up and stay off the phone while their 56k connection wormed its way to Amazon's heart.

When the President released his long form birth certificate, sending black America into mourning, Corsi's joke site World Net Daily doubled down with celebratory gunfire where even today a dozen separate articles easily top that internet site's front page, catering to people who skipped science class to beat up "queers". These robots, these human flesh copy machines of right wing talking points who have their own debt ceilings on the mastercharge built with get-rich-quick schemes, Amway, and anything else an idiot would buy because they are smarter than everyone else—would they stay in the game?

The answer appears to be no. Corsi's tome of fucking truth comes out tomorrow, but some of his fans are taking their fourteen dollars and running, I assume to buy as many KFC double downs as they can cram into their empty maws. The picture below shows the story, where the graph shows Amazon's ranking (lower is better) of his liar's Bible. That last lurch from 170 to 250 is just today, where I imagine birthers in a panic called and asked if it's not too late to cancel their order.

It is true that some people will keep their order. They will grab the box from the postman's hands, feverishly ripping the cardboard off in ribbons while the mailman backs away nervously. They may sit in their car to get away from their loud family, endearingly drinking sugar water and chomping pork rinds while the low ranting of Michael Savage sends them into a cotton candy dreamworld. But those that get their fourteen dollars back? Won't even cover shipping for a new penis pump.

Update Thanks for the recs, everybody. I missed Dave Weigel writing about Corsi's weird state of denial:

Jerome Corsi spent quite a long time traveling the hemispheres to find the truth -- or at least kick up some dust -- about the citizenship of Barack Obama.* His findings appeared in articles for WorldNetDaily and in the manuscript for a book titled Where's the Birth Certificate? And then, last month, the White House released additional proof of Obama's citizenship and the birther population collapsed like a McMansion in a hurricane. And the book's text has not been changed since the announcement.

*Answer: American.

It's a short piece, but some great mocking if that's your thing. And it is.
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Originally posted to esby on Mon May 16, 2011 at 09:32 PM PDT.

Also republished by oo and Media Watch.

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