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Keith has kept a noticible silence on the Anthony Wiener sexting scandal.
Now he tells us why.
The link to the text of Keith's commentary is here.

The rush to issue an opinion about Anthony Weiner is so strong – so indicative of the unnecessary urgency of most aspects of our political theater – that a couple of times on Twitter I was harangued by followers, because I hadn’t come out and demanded Weiner quit. Or stay.

My silence owed to one important fact: I wasn’t sure.

With so much advice for Anthony Weiner to stay or go, after a week of thoughtful deliberation, Keith offers this counsel.
Let the people decide.

If Mr. Weiner resigns his seat, there will be, as there was in Mr. Lee’s district, a special election to decide who will serve the rest of his term. It appears the citizens of that district want it to be him, but many in Democratic leadership, do not. If Mr. Weiner wants to regain the moral high ground, he should resign, either immediately or effective a given date, and then seek re-nomination for, and re-election in, that special election.

A true version of 'letting the people decide.'

So let Weiner face a vigorous Democratic challenge and a furious right wing attack.
If he survives, he can justly claim that with all his flaws, he still represents the voice of those who have just re-elected him.  
Angry Democratic kingpins might primary Weiner – all the better. Run as an Independent. Let the people really decide what has happened here, and if they want this man to continue to be their Congressman. Those who want him out can speak to their point, and those who want him to stay, can speak to theirs.

And how ever it turns out, the scandal will end there. Because Congressman Weiner will have to let the people decide.

I commend Keith for his responsible deliberation before weighing in on Weinergate.
Thoughtful and measured analysis is so rare on cable news.

The Fok News DKOS Group publishes content and opinion related to Keith Olbermann's upcoming television news show and his opinion blog Countdown Online


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Originally posted to crystal eyes on Mon Jun 13, 2011 at 02:53 PM PDT.

Also republished by Fok News.

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