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Well, this sucks: My Multiple Sclerosis has made an appearance at just the wrong time this week, and basically, weak walking, nerve fatigue, and suddenly blurred and low vision are all conspiring to keep me tethered to an IV pole for steroid treatments going into this weekend.

So even if I could get to Minneapolis in the next few days, you wouldn't want me showing up feeling all "roid-raged" at the conferences and keynote addresses. Who knows what ranting comments I'd shout out rudely without meaning to embarrass myself and, perhaps, everyone else around me!

I wish NN11 all the best, and I WILL be streaming as much of if as I can from home, but I need to take a last-minute pass this year... very, very much to my regret.


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Here's the deal about bidding for my registration. I won't hide the fact that I bought my registration early last year so I got it at a discount, but I have also already laid out some non-refundable transportation costs which I'd like to recoup if I can, especially given the current state of my finances on disability. I had hoped to sell the registration over the last day, but I had no takers at the $350 price I set to help me recover my costs, but, oh well about that.

So here's the current plan: I'll take the highest credible* bid above $200 that comes into the comments below as of 4PM (Eastern Time) Thursday, and as a sweetener for you, I'll commit to donating any amount you pay over $300 to the Daily Kos Orange to Blue 2012 account on ActBlue.

At 4PM (Eastern Time) Thursday, I'll close the bidding, and I will declare the highest credible* bid over $200 to be the winner, and I will contact you at the email address or phone number in your user profile here at dKos. If I can't make two-way contact with you by 4:30PM, I will move onto the next highest bidder over $200, and so on every half hour after that. I will update my progress in the comments below. Then as soon as I get the the winner's payment to my PayPal account, I will instantly change over my registration to your name, and also make the payment to ActBlue if your bid is over $300. I'm sure there's a million ways I can screw this up, but I promise to make every reasonable good-faith effort to make this work right. In short, I'm not trying to scam anyone here, so I'd appreciate it if everyone returns the favor.

*Bids of extreme amounts will not be deemed credible.

Thanks in advance for your help and understanding! Happy bidding!

See ya all next year at NN12 in... ????????

2:47 PM PT: I'll finally close this out when it falls off the Recent Diaries List. Thanks!

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