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Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is facing allegations that he put both hands around the neck of fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley following a confrontation in Walsh Bradleys chambers. After asking the piece of shit Prosser to leave her chambers, he allegedly became enraged and grabbed Walsh Bradley by the neck with both hands in front of several witnesses. Both parties involved, as well as the witnesses have declined to comment. Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs has spoken with the entire Supreme Court, but has declined to comment as well. The matter was exposed by Wisconsin Public Radio and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.


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The Wisconsin Judicial Commission could not confirm or deny any investigations, which seems odd. Another oddity, and probably smoking gun, is the fact that Prosser has not denied any of this. Of course, nobody should be surprised. Prosser has a history of intimidating women. It was he who called another female Justice, Shirley Abrahmson, a "total bitch". He also threatened to destroy her and her career. Prosser even went so far as to blame these women, claiming they have a reputation for bringing out the worst in people and doing their best to provoke others into these kinds of situations. It is clear this man has a deep seated hatred for women. Who knows, perhaps his mommy didnt tell him she loved him enough. Regardless, I have to scratch my head at Wisconsin and our voters. The people "elected" Prosser this past spring, despite the prior verbal assault on Abrahmson, and despite being the mentor to dictator Walker. Perhaps now the message is loud and clear: THIS MAN IS TRASH AND HE NEEDS TO BE PUT IN A BIN AND SET OUT ON THE CURB TO BE TAKEN TO THE DUMP. There are several options for removing Prosser once an investigation is finished, and it is proven he has assaulted this woman. As ThinkProgress reports, the people may remove him by recall, however, since the elections were just held, Prosser would still have about a year to wreak more havoc. He may also be impeached, or be romoved by a "removal of address". Prosser may also resign, but cmon, does anybody think this guy has the scrupules? No, didnt think so. Either way, now is the time to make your voice heard. THIS WILL NOT STAND! Tell Scott Walker, his cronies, and Justice Prosser that you are tired of the legislative assault on women, and now you are tired of the physical and verbal assault on women by this man!

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