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From the "why waste a day" Division of the Department of Misleading Headlines, I bring you this:

                 NATO slammed for Libya civilian deaths

                 PressTV        Saturday Apr 09, 201108:16 AM GMT

Since certain people speaking for the ANSWER Coalition accused me of running a misleading headline right here in the DailyKos with my title No Libyans allowed at ANSWER Libya Forum because a few anti-Qaddafi Libyans managed to get past the Answer ticket sellers and make themselves known in the Q&A, I have been sensitive to mis-leading headlines.

So I offer the headline NATO slammed for Libya civilian deaths as a prime example of how the pro-Qaddafi side can spin a story. PressTV is very pro-Iranian BTW.

The first paragraph clarifies what they mean in the headline:

NATO has come under intense grilling over its lack of response to the killings of Libyan civilians by the regime forces amid fierce skirmishes in the western city of Misratah.
So the story is that NATO is being criticized for not doing more to prevent Qaddafi from killing civilians in Misrata. That is what you gathered from reading the headline isn't it?

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It continues:

On Friday, four people, including two children, were killed and 10 others injured in Misratah, which lies 150 kilometers (93 miles) east of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, as the daily clashes continue to rage between opposition forces and pro-Gaddafi troops, AFP quoted a source in the revolutionaries' camp as saying on Saturday.

"Gaddafi forces continue to fire blindly on the houses of Misratah," said the source, adding that "Today, four martyrs fell, including two children under age four."

Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi's forces on Wednesday pounded the besieged city of Misratah with heavy artillery, killing at least five people and injuring 25 others. The bombardment forced the temporary closure of the city's port, which is a key route for supplies to civilians.

The source went on to question NATO's role as enshrined in the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 to enforce a no-fly zone over crisis-hit Libya in order to protect civilians against attacks by Gaddafi's forces.

"Civilians are being killed in Misratah," added the source amid reports that the western allied forces, which conduct air raids on Libya, have not intervened in the western town so far.

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