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Good evening, faithful Top Comments readers.

This past week has been very emotional for me. You all know that the community was asked to help Rich and me out in a very tough financial time. Many of you - almost 200 of you, in fact - actually contributed either financially, or with a prize for the drawing. I wish you could all win, because I know that I won a lot of faith in humanity during this experience. Many others offered emotional support, and stories of their own. You warmed my heart and uplifted my soul and I appreciate that.

And now to recognize some of the individual angels.


I specifically want to thank JekyllnHyde for starting everything, Sara R for offering her lovely quilt and diarying, KelleyRN2, indeimcemopants, Dragon5616, and blue jersey mom for diarying. blue jersey mom also kindly offered a challenge on the final fundraiser diary, which eeff, and joanbrooker promptly offered to meet. boran2,Purple Priestess, Chun Yang, triciawyse, Chacounne, gloriana, asimbagirl, and nickinnewyork offered lovely prizes.

The thing I need to say is thank you. I wish I had better words to express how grateful, how humbled, and how loved we feel, but I don't. Thank you, Daily Kos.


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And now, a word from our sponsor (wording shamelessly stolen from brillig):

Here at Top Comments we round up some of the site's best, funniest, most mojo'd and most informative commentary. We depend on your help with talent spotting. If you see a comment by another Kossack that deserves wider recognition, please send it to topcomments at gmail by 9:30pm Eastern. Please please please include a few words about why you sent it in as well as your user name (even if you think we know it already :-)), so we can credit you with the find!
The comments..

From Dragon5616:

I appreciate the calm and reasoned voice of cuphalffull all the time, but especially in this answer to the President's critics from FiredUpInCA's diary Everything We've Heard About How The Debt Ceiling Negotiations Are Going Is Wrong.
From Expatjourno:
This comment by merbex lays out why Obama wants to cut Social Security benefits.

And this one by Jim P.

From ScottyUrb:
From this morning's diary, Planting a vegetable garden? You're under arrest! - Leo in NJ starts a good thread about his vegetable garden. Others chime in with bits about their gardens.

Maybe this story can inspire others to plant their own vegetable gardens!

My picks:
From Mother Mags front page dairy, notdarkyet has a great thought.

4CasandChlo makes an excellent point about corporate finance.

Colorado is the Shiznit appears to believe s/he has a good side, but is quickly disabused of this notion by several kindly Kossacks.

This market correction is long overdue says Lady Di, and I concur.

Here's some who deserves some admiration for her bravery. Brava, CatM!

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