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Sparse on details but Jesus! How sad:

Amy Winehouse Confirmed Dead

For those of us who see music as one of the things that makes the day-to-day more bearable—or in fact, as something to devote our lives to in order to change lives through music and dance—this is pretty sad.

Sorry this doesn't relate to politics.  But neither do cats.


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Will post updated info as more info unfolds.  For those of you that use Spotify, here's the link to her Back To Black album:

Listen to Amy Winehouse - Back To Black on Spotify
Here's the Google News feed for the phrase "Amy Winehouse"

I don't believe in Heaven, but I hope there's one for her.


Mashable has an incredible article that details Amy's impact on aspiring artists through her popular videos.

Here's a video that is purportedly her last live appearance:

As a total aside, there's a raging debate over on Google Plus between two internet heavyweights Kevin Rose and Robert Scoble regarding Google Plus filtering, brought about by Amy Winehouse-related posts.

Another short Youtube clip:

Here's a great reflection piece by an entertainment/music journalist who interviewed Amy about 10 years ago.  H/T to senecadione (old friend of said journalist) for the link.  One amazing quote stands out for me:

Amy Winehouse: 'I'll Be Dead in a Ditch, on Fire'

“When I went into this (Back To Black) album, I just felt really sad,” she told me. “I felt really bad. I was clinically depressed, and I put it into music. And that was me at that time. When those things…” She paused and thought better of going any further. “Sorry, I’m really s---ty at interviews. I’m not great at talking about … I just think … the songs are enough.”

Alright, guys, I'm out of here.  Off to go make music.  Thanks for spending the last few hours on here with talking/grieving/commenting (and for Rec'ing) and for keeping the discussion remarkably civil.  Have a safe and uplifting weekend.

As a final note, the best tribute we can give to Amy is to listen to and remember her for her art, and to offer compassionate support to anyone we know facing similar obstacles.  


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