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(From the diaries -- Plutonium Page. Also note that 75 U.S. troops have died since Bush went on vacation.)

New AP-Ipsos Poll released today, 1,001 respondents, 3% margin of error.  Very, very interesting results on Iraq and more.

Do you approve or disapprove of the way the Bush administration has conducted the war in Iraq? (IF APPROVE/DISAPPROVE, ASK:) Is that strongly or somewhat?(Results from June 2005 in parentheses)

--Strongly approve, 20 percent (26)

--Somewhat approve, 16 percent (15)

--Somewhat disapprove, 13 percent (11)

--Strongly disapprove, 45 percent (45)

--Not sure, 5 percent (3)

TOTAL APPROVE -- 37 percent (41)

TOTAL DISAPPROVE -- 58 percent (56)

Ouch.  The real kick to Bush's groin (and that of all the other wingnuts fomenting for deportation of dissenters) below the fold.

2. All in all, thinking about how things have gone in Iraq since the United States went to war there in March 2003, do you think the United States ...

(Results from June 2005 in parentheses)

--Made the right decision in going to war in Iraq, 43 percent (42)

--Made a mistake in going to war in Iraq, 53 percent (53)

--Not sure, 4 percent (5)

That metric is pretty stable, most think Iraq was a mistake.  We should not feel alone here.  

3. How likely is it that a stable, democratic government will be established in Iraq? Is it ...

(Results from February 2005 in parentheses)

--Very likely, 11 percent (10)

--Somewhat likely, 40 percent (41)

--Not too likely, 30 percent (31)

--Not at all likely, 16 percent (16)

--Not sure, 3 percent (2)

A close call here.  I'm not sure where the "likely" folks are getting their information but at least they are optomistic.

4. Has the military action in Iraq ...

(Results from April 2004 in parentheses)

--Increased the threat of terrorism in the world, 50 percent (47)

--Decreased the threat of terrorism in the world, 20 percent (25 percent)

--Had no effect on the threat of terrorism, 28 percent (25 percent)

--Not sure, 3 percent (3 percent)

So much for the perceived strength of Bush.  Dems need to pull a Rove and attack Bush's traditional foundation of "keeping America safe."

5. Should the United States keep troops in Iraq until the situation has stabilized, or should the United States bring its troops home from Iraq immediately?

(Results from June 2005 in parentheses)

--Keep troops in Iraq until the situation has stabilized, 60 percent (59)

--Bring its troops home from Iraq immediately, 37 percent (37)

--Not sure, 3 percent (4)

Reflects something of the debate ongoing here about staying or pulling out.  Looks like most Americans have embraced the Pottery Barn doctrine.

Here's the kick to Bush's groin and to the groin of all those wingnuts who want to call dissenters treasonous traitors.

6. Do you think it is OK for people who oppose the war in Iraq to express their opposition publicly, or not?

--Yes, 87 percent

--No, 12 percent

--Not sure, 1 percent

In other words, fuck you Limbaugh.

This is perhaps the saddest question of all...

7. Do you have a friend, colleague or family member who has served in the military effort in Iraq at any time since March 2003?

--Yes, 54 percent

--No, 45 percent

--Not sure, 1 percent

The majority of Americans now know someone who has been to Iraq.  This is undoubtedly the Vietnam of the current era.

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