Krauthammer: This Is A Victory For The Tea Party
realclearpolitics -- 07/31/2011

Charles Krauthammer:

"The winner is the tea party. They have changed the debate in the country.

And their Billionaire Backers -- Thank you!

Just kidding,   They don't "Thank" anyone.

Afterall, They are the Job Creators ... er, the Job Exporters!

The Day of the Hobbits
Patrick J. Buchanan, amconmag.com     August 1st, 2011  

The Hobbits demanded that the GOP do battle over the debt ceiling, that it not raise the ceiling without equal spending cuts, that the party accept no taxes.

They got it all. The deal cuts spending by $900 billion and raises the debt ceiling an equal amount. It mandates further cuts of $1.5 trillion, to be agreed on by Thanksgiving by a congressional commission of 12, and for those cuts to be voted up or down.

If the commission fails to agree -- seven votes are needed -- cuts of $1.2 trillion must be made, half from defense. Any Medicare cuts are restricted to providers, not beneficiaries.

What did liberals get? Nothing.

What did Obama get?

He demanded a "€œclean" debt-ceiling hike. When the GOP said no, he demanded a "balanced approach"€” -- tax hikes commensurate with spending cuts. Again, the GOP said no. Again, he capitulated.

Well it's interesting, Ali, the morning papers, the Wall Street Journal in the editorial, the headline is "A Tea Party Triumph". It writes, "In this deal they forced both parties to make the biggest spending cuts in 15 years."

The New York Times, it has "A Terrible Deal" as its headline on the editorial, saying, "It is a nearly complete capitulation to the hostage-taking demands of Republican extremists. It will hurt programs for the middle class poor and hinder economic recovery."

Deal labelled 'a victory for extremists'
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 01/08/2011   Reporter: Ali Moore

Notice the date.   History DOES seem to repeat itself.  

Scoundrels, like leopards, rarely ever change their spots.  Give them an inch ...  and ...

and they'll take another hostage.

Ask A Hostage Negotiator
NPR -- April 16, 2011

President Obama says he's dealing with "hostage takers." To give him some advice, we talk to former FBI chief hostage negotiator Gary Noesner.

SAGAL: So let's take minute. Let's say it's a hostage situation. He's dealing with a hostage taker. So if you can give one piece of advice, dealing with a hostage taker, what is it?

Mr. NOESNER: Well, I think you've got to be genuine and sincere. You know, when someone has a hostage, it's basically a form of extortion. They're trying to compel you to do something. So you have to convey to them that they're not as powerful as they think. If you simply concede, you're only going to encourage the opposition to ask for more.

SAGAL: So your rule is don't give them an inch, they'll take a mile.

Mr. NOESNER: Well, not necessarily. I mean the word - I know it's a strange word in today's political atmosphere, but compromise is really the key to this.


SAGAL: Well, you know all we know about this is what we see in the movies. In the movies, like there's this moment sometimes where the negotiator says, I know, take me and let the hostage go. So do you think Obama can, like, let Boehner have him in exchange for raising the debt limit?

Mr. NOESNER: No. Once you give somebody that power, then they only want more, because they don't value anything that comes to them too easily. So the next thing they probably would ask for Pelosi and Reid.

Who says crime doesn't pay.  They run up the National Credit Card ...

and Then we have to sign over the Farm ... time and time again, to pay off their Tab.

And their Billionaire Backers -- Thank you!

Just kidding,   They don't "Thank" anyone.

They're too busy taking the Loot, and setting up shop overseas somewhere.

Hmmm?  Maybe the Tea Party, really didn't win afterall -- especially if they know anyone that needs a Job?

Buh Bye America, the Grover Wrecking Crew has found its Prime-time Cred, on the National Stage ... in that sense their Victory is very real.

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