John Boehner
Boehner got "98 percent" of what he wanted
in debt deal (Larry Downing/Reuters)
Just to refresh everybody's memory: President Obama and Democrats gave John Boehner and the GOP "98 percent" of what they wanted in the debt limit deal.

Then, 48 hours after Boehner's deal got signed into law, S&P issued a credit rating downgrade, blaming Republicans for being hostage-taking, terror-inducing, revenue-refusing nut jobs.

So, clearly, it's the Democratic Party's fault, right? It is, at least if you're the House GOP's campaign committee:

EXCLUSIVE – NRCC BLAMES HOUSE DEMS FOR DOWNGRADE WITH ROBOCALLS TO 10 DISTRICTS – The National Republican Congressional Committee is going after 10 potentially vulnerable Democrats today for opposing a Balanced Budget Amendment. The narrator pins the blame the Democrats for the S&P downgrade and for not wanting government to live within its means. From the script: “Hello, I’m calling from the National Republican Congressional Committee with an important alert about your Congressman David Loebsack. David Loebsack continues to oppose a Balanced Budget Amendment that would force Washington to live within its means. Loebsack and his fellow Democrats’ addiction to big government spending has led to a downgrade of America’s credit rating and a dramatic loss in the global markets that could force you to pay more for everyday expenses. While David Loebsack keeps standing in the way of real fiscal reform, middle-class families in Iowa could now see a loss in retirement savings while mortgage rates, car payments and student loans could become even more expensive. Call Congressman David Loebsack at 202-225-6576 and tell him to stop his reckless borrowing spree.”

I guess their logic goes like this: We're going to destroy the economy if you don't give us what we want. And when you do capitulate, and things go to shit, we're going to blame you for the consequences of your capitulation. Just because we held you hostage doesn't mean you shouldn't get blamed.

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