Well we know now where the boehners jobs bills have been hiding, on one of his favorite holes at his represented golf course among those he really represents.

Boehner Golfs While Jobs Burn

Aug 10, 2011 - More than 100 union and community activists in House Speaker John Boehner’s Ohio district figured that the August “district work period”—better known to the rest of us as Congress’ summer vacation—would be a good time to talk with the Republican leader about work or, more specifically, the lack of it for millions of Americans.

But when they showed up at his West Chester Township district office, guess who wasn’t hard at work? Boehner. According to news reports, he was instead at a fundraising golf outing at a nearby country club, no doubt more comfortable with the check-writing country clubbers than middle-class workers. Machinists (IAM) member Rainey Rohrmeier told the Cincinnati Enquirer she was at Boehner’s office to send him a message.

It’s the unwillingness to compromise, the lack of support for workers—the people who are down and dirty doing the work. All the policies are favoring the rich people and now they call them “job creators.” So where are the jobs? read more>>>

Who'd a thunk the Majority leader of the House would actually take the August month away from Washington as a vacation from all work, oh wait, somebody check his tee times while in DC.

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