Yesterday, I wrote about how the Snyder administration is freaking out over the legal challenge to the Emergency Manager law. On that same day, residents on the west side of the state starting getting these robocalls:

This is an identity theft alert. Petitions are being circulated door-to-door and at public locations throughout the county that require your name, your address and your signature. The State of Michigan does not require a license or bond for signature gatherers and anyone can collect signatures regardless of their police record.

Be very careful who you give your personal information to, particularly your signature. In many cases, copies of these petitions, with your signature, are sent overseas for processing. Be on the alert for fraudulent attempts to get your personal information.

You can listen to the audio of the robocall at Eclectablog.

This is breaking news not yet reported elsewhere.

The phone number for these incoming calls is 877-366-9612. This number is associated with previous robocalls against Democrats.

This is a classic GOP tactic. The message hits all the right notes to freak out low-information people: identity theft, criminals, foreigners, fraud.

Just one more example that Michigan Republicans are in complete freakout mode at the moment and will do anything to stop the repeal of the Emergency Manager law, senators, representatives and Governor Rick Snyder.

Feels kinda good to have them on the run, doesn't it?

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