I can't edit a picture any more. No way, nohow. My old PhotoSuite II from Win 95/XP was discontinued 8-10 years ago and there's nothing else with that wonderful interface. Now I have Windows 7 and I literally can't edit a picture any more. I've tried Win pix, Microsoft's pic editing, Paint, PhotoScape. Even the smallest PhotoShop is a mystery; I've tried it in past years.

You may note I don't use the correct names of those pic programs. I don't give the tiniest little s--t what their names are.

I've been manipulating pictures since 1997, and now I Cannot Edit a Jaypeg File.

Windows 7 is an abomination unto the universe, except for the snip function and (sort of) the search function and a few other things. I loathe it. I'm angry (and weeping, if the truth be known) and cannot remember the many horrors and few joys of the operating system that has been thrust upon me with my new PC. I'll think of them and add them to this diary.

[list of horrors and joys will go here]

Yesterday I had to ride the DC Metro. I've been using this system since it opened in the 1980s, but not much for the past few years. Parking building 2, my usual, has always had a space at midday, but yesterday, no, except in the bright sunlight, which I thought I could avoid. Silly me. When I drove around for five minutes and tried to exit and go to the other building, the machine took $4.75 from me. "Oh, you can call this number and they'll refund your money." The farecard machine looks like the dashboard of the space shuttle.  Am I wrong to get flustered when the attendant has to lead me through the transaction: "See there? [small LCD 6 inches above my head] Just pick a dollar amount and press this button twelve times..."

My old faithful scanner doesn't work with Win7, so I bought a new scan-print-copy machine. To be fair, it has some nifty features. But like everything else, I still haven't scaled the learning curve. Hell, some days I can hardly find the mountain, much less the path up the slope.

I hardly ever come here any more, for many reasons. A lot of comments I consider excellent only get a few recs (including a few of mine, if I do say so myself). I don't come across them until days later, when the diary is stale and I can't rec or reply. I don't see the people I know here often enough to learn the important things that happen to them. I have ADD, so I need to check in with friends often, but I can't find them any more unless I concentrate hard and take time to search in different ways. I'm too busy climbing learning curves to do this enough.

At least I've stopped crying. But I still can't make a JPG for lined paper print with pale blue lines on a full page without a border. Apparently that's too much to ask of Windows 7.

I publish only a few diaries a year. I try to think them out ahead of time, or at least run with an inspiration when I get one. I'm on too many learning curves already to attack another one.


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