after being the second largest bookstore chain in the USA, Borders bookstores went belly up in bankruptcy. They're liquidating the remaining stock the last Borders in my area. People will debate about what killed the chain, but if you walk amongst the piles of books now reduced to 60% off, you'll quickly realize a theme in the unwanted tomes: Sarah Palin.

There must have been a dozen books by Palins, about Palins, for Palins and against Palins. You couldn't turn around without having Sarah Palin starring on the cover of another book - except for the 100s of copies of Bristol's book.

A decade ago, that store was full of Harry Potter books that were being bought by customers - young and old. Now as it dies a slow death, Borders is clogged with more books about Wasilla than their are people and caribou in the town.

Why did the book industry bank so much on a woman who isn't into too much book learning? And her followers barely follow a few hundred characters on Twitter yet want to read hundreds of pages (pro or con). This would be like the High Fructose corn syrup industry going after diabetics or the ham industry wanting to get a piece of Passover supper action.

It's sad to see Borders bite the dust, but they chose the wrong character after Harry Potter to keep them in the black.


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