Roper GfK for AP, (8/18-22, American adults, 8/11-16/10 in parentheses):
Do you have a favorable, unfavorable, or neither favorable nor unfavorable opinion of the Tea Party movement?

Favorable: 28 (31)
Unfavorable: 46 (34)

Up until this month, AP has tracked the tea party's net favorability at between -5 points and +3 points. Now, less than a month after they took America to the brink of default, their unfavorable ratings have jumped to -18 points

32% of Americans now have a "very unfavorable" view of the tea party, up from 19% in August 2010. The previous high was 22% in September.

Although the tea party took a beating from their behavior during the debt limit fight, they aren't the only ones to have dropped in popularity. Earlier today, Gallup put out new numbers showing President Obama's approval rating had hit a new low, clocking in at 38%-55%.

Despite his numbers, however, President Obama's approval isn't anywhere near as bad as Congressional approval, which according to AP's poll now stands at 12% approving and 87% disapproving. Approval of congressional Democrats stands at 30% approve, 68% disapprove and approval of congressional Republicans stands at 24% approve, 75% disapproves.

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