2 Quick stories, plus a word about Rick Santorum being a pothead.

It's been a banner week for marijuana smuggling fail in southern Cal: 2 different wrecks have yielded LOTS of free marijuana to the locals LUCKY enough to be nearby when the accidents occured.

All on the flip.

First, we have a story from San Jose in which bystanders Grab Pot Spilled From Crashed Truck

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- On Thursday, police said they are looking for bystanders who grabbed bags of marijuana that spilled onto the road from a truck that crashed in San Jose.


When officers arrived, they found just a few remaining bags of marijuana scattered across the intersection. A loaded handgun was inside the truck, police said

Very popular, this marijuana. People 'swooped in' and snatched it up and hurried home.

Economic stimulus.

Of course, police are going to waste expend vast resources on trying to track this dangerous substance down.

Meanwhile, down at the beach, High waves likely caused drug smuggling boat crash in Southern Calif.

(CBS/AP) LOS ANGELES - The high waves that are pounding the California coast caused a marijuana smuggling boat to crash onto a Southern California beach.

The boat split in two on rocks south of Point Mugu State Park in Malibu. Two state park rangers who were patrolling the area discovered the boat where more than 500 pounds of marijuana was washed ashore with it, said Lindsaey Templeton, a superintendent for the park system said.

Reports at differnt sourse say about 500 pounds washed up, no reports of the People being able to benefit from this occurrence, but it's still funny.

Legalize the weed and you'll stop this nonsense. We don't have money to clean the air but we can continue this ridiculous program.

In other news......, Rick the Prick Santorum stopped talking about anal sex long enough to tell us I was a pothead before I was a dickhead.

  • “I admitted back when I was running for the Senate that when I was in college I smoked pot
  • and that was something I did when I was in college,
  • and it was something that I’m not proud of, but I did it,” he said.
  • “And it is something I wish I hadn’t done, but I did
  • and I admitted it and would encourage people not to do so.”
I broke his spiel down to highlight the republican talking points in what he has said. He has demonstrated the standard Republican Fealty to Reefer Madness.

Why he has felt the need to do this, I cannot say - I think it's odd. Anybody who listens to this pencilneck more than 5 minutes would likely gather he's not down with mara-ju-wanna smoking without him explicitly saying so.

First, he invokes the "Youthful Indescretion" mantra. It was something I did in college.

Then, secondly, he RE-INVOKES it and tells us AGAIN he did it in college.

Thirdly, he reinforces the 'shame' theme: "it's something I'm not proud of".

Fourthly, he strokes the guilt thing again. 2 guilt trips in one.

Finally, he goes for the "I would encourage others not to do this either" line. ie: I smoked pot so you don't have to: believe in me.

There is video at the link, should you have the stomach for such, and for those concerned, he didn't dwell on this and got back to talking about anal sex pretty quickly.

Democrats are far from handling the issue (cannabis reform...) as they should but they have nothing remotely similar to this faom-at-the-mouth ideology regarding 'drugs' or marijuana.

There are more and more Dems at local and state levels, even at the Federal level writing cannabis reform laws, but it is the GOP Fealty to Reefer Madness that systematically shoots things down.

An opposition party...one that would actually like to "win", might want to do something to undermine some of their power.

Santorum is doing what I am saying lots of them would do if dems even talked toungue in cheek about 'reviewing our marijuana laws in light of budgetary concerns, blah, blah, blah".

Repubs would do exactly what Santorum has done and further alienate themselves from mainstream America.


Forget about other things Santorum is known for saying: does his stance on his former stoner status make him sound like an idiot?

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