We are a nation of the Rule of Law. It is a requisite to assure civility. To maintain the high road, certain ethics are required of those we entrust to "enforce" the Law. Those who manage our systems of justice, as judges, prosecutors and police - Must adhere to the Law. They must walk a better moral ground than those trodden by the crowd. When the esteemed by public trust violate such protocols of decency - tyranny, cronyism and corruption become the norm.

    NOT IN AMERICA - It can not and will not be permitted to become the norm.

   Previously, we reported on the Fullerton Six (6) Police who brutally beat Thomas Kelley. A homeless man with some history of mental illness.

   If it were not for the video tapes, the senseless Murder of an American citizen might have gone by without any national media attention. You can see our previous Diarys' on the Kelly Thomas murder (here) (here) (here) & (here).

   What really brought the story some national attention are the videos, combined with the fact that Kelly Thomas's father was a former Orange County Sherrif - who turned down $900,000 in hush money. He wants and is entitled to Justice.

    Already, there are efforts to engage in Cover Ups as one of the District Attorney's involved in the case is a direct personal friend of the Fullerton Police Chief who has taken a "medical" leave. No one can be fired when they are on medical leave.

Continued efforts to Cover Up the Murder facts

Testimony of Woman who had film stole and destroyed by Police

   They, the powers that be - hope that time will heal the wound and the issues will go away. But as the picture denotes, there are many people supporting the Thomas family. With United efforts such as this, the story will Not die.

    From the "Friends of Fullerton" website, they have documented the issue that the "purported" request to arrest someone at the Bus station 911 call - Does Not exist.


New Videos and Informant on Kelly Thomas Murder

Police Murder of Kelly Thomas goes International

  CNN and SoCal KTLA are releasing pictures from the doctors on how brutal the beating is of Kelly Thomas. Ron Thomas was there speaking on the issues and realizing how brutal the beating was of his son. New pictures are being released of the actual brutality of the murder and how much damage was done that we will post ASAP.

Original Bus Video of those who witnessed the Murder


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