Reading the top of the wreck list diary and listening to the Republican Party faithful laughing I thought it time to list Republican jokes at our expense.

Repeal healthcare and make medicare unaffordable.

They risk killing tens of thousands of Americans every year. Funny aint it.

Climate Change is a joke

That billions of lives are at risk and denial risks killing you. Funny aint it.

Cut Social security

Make you work until you drop. make your old age miserable and die younger than before. Funny aint it.

Cut medicaid.

Watch children and the poor die in greater numbers than before. Funny aint it.

Cut the EPA

Poison the population in the name of profit who cares if other people die. Funny aint it.

The War Machine

Break our economy in the name of our own fear no matter how many die at home as a result of the poverty caused let alone those under our guns. Funny aint it.

Nuts with guns

The death toll is irrelevant next to freedom just so long as they don't get shot; forget about any thought of minimal control by keeping guns out of the hands of the insane and terminally stupid. Funny aint it.



The Republican Party waxed lyrical over "death panels" yet they are the party of death and suffering and are a danger to us all. It is time that the Democratic party got down and dirty and called them out.

You want death? Vote republican.

I'm sure they will find your support amusing.

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