Here's Eric Cantor, Republican Representative from Virginia, an excellent example of conservative pain at the prospect of depriving others of their rights. He's heartbroken that the Social Security Trust Fund isn't going to be available because the stewards of the purse strings have been doling out goodies to their cohorts.

There he sits, brokenhearted........

Who is there who hasn't encountered a punitive parent, teacher or superior who, by word or demeanor, doesn't preface the assault by claiming "this is going to hurt me more than you"?

While it would make sense to simply retort, "then don't do it," victims of abuse learn quickly that any retort will just make the deprivator more determined than ever.  Because hurt is the objective and any response tells that it's working.  That's why there has to be an intervention by an outside agent.  Deprivators, lacking self-control, can't stop themselves and they don't want to.  Depriving others of their rights is how they get their jollies.

It's the fault of the liberals.  No, seriously.  Liberals let conservatives get away with it.  Liberals, you see, take pleasure in other people's success.  So, they go out of their way to facilitate conservatives in getting their objectives.  What they miss is that not only are conservatives jealous of success, what they really want is failure. Conservatives not only delight in other people's hurt and failure, failure is their familiar, the tool that, if they're a politician, guarantees their longevity. Which is why they resent liberals' efforts to assure their success.

So, what's a liberal to do?  Let them wallow in their self-pitty is my best guess.  And go about the business of cleaning up their messes.  Oh, and send the politicians home.

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