The OWS Team at DailyKos works hard to bring you several items: at least one LiveBlog a day; a Mothership Resource Diary; and a Front Page that is in the process of becoming the best of OWS diaries.

Let me explain. DK4 makes it possible to have all diaries with certain tags show up in our stream. Those same diaries, if tagged correctly, will also appear on the right hand side of our front page. There you will find a list of all the diaries published about Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together. All of them. As long as they got tagged correctly.

The front page of our Occupy Wall Street Group will be reserved for diaries of note - Horace wrote about this in a diary yesterday. Below the fold you will find an excerpt of that diary as well.

So, if you follow the group, you will see ALL OWS diaries in your stream. If you want to see what our BlogEditors think is extra special (let's face it, there are a lot of diaries being published and you can't read all of them everyday, as hard as we try), then visit our front page.

We are also working out a better schedule for publishing LiveBlogs and the Mothership Resource Diary. The LiveBlog is scheduled for 9:30am every morning. We are going to try bringing you the Mothership Resource Diary a few hours later. We're hoping to bring in another LiveBlog each evening.

These decisions have been reached by consensus by our working group. If you would like an invite to this google group, please private message me your email address.

Join me below the fold to discuss the Meta of this decision or to volunteer your time in helping us with one of a couple of different projects! We want to include you in the decision making process.

We are Direct Democracy in action!

Here are the projects we are working on. Please volunteer in the comments below.

Tagging Project:
The efforts of trying to organize diaries is time consuming and we have decided to try a new approach. We are going to be tagging diaries better. And we are asking you to join in this effort. Here are the recommended tags.

On the Ground, First Kossack Perspective
Tags: Occupy Wall Street, Personal, ODK Personal

Occupy Together - diaries about other demonstrations around the US
Tags: Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Together, Occupy + name of city, name of the state, name of the city, ODK Local

International Tags: Occupy Together, ODK International, name of city, name of country

Calls to Action
Tags: Occupy Wall Street, Action, ODK Action

OccupyWallStreet in the MSM - diaries with links to MSM
Tags: Occupy Wall Street, MSM, name of media outlet, ODK Media

OccupyWallStreet Support - Community Support from Groups & Individuals
Tags: Occupy Wall Street, community, support, name of group and/or name of individual, ODK Support

Police/Protest Interactions - Legal Aide
Tags: Occupy Wall Street, police intervention and/or legal aide, ODK Police, ODK Legal Aide

OccupyWallStreet Messaging and Framing
Tags: Occupy Wall Street, framing, meme (for diaries introducing a new meme such as #99), ODK Framing

OccupyWallStreet Videos
Tags: Occupy Wall Street, video, ODK Video

OccupyWallStreet Misc

Tags: ODK Resource, ODK Radio, ODK Veteran, ODK Request (for help)

Queue Management:

A Note from Horace Boothroyd III:

This movement is about giving voice to the silent majority and I want to
continue that.
I'm serious about my determination to not censor posts to the group.
We may object to the premise, or hate the opinion but it is up to the reader
to determine whether the opinion therein is worth contemplating.
Who we would like to see republished to the group page. This is a guideline
and is by no means intended to limit just guide decisions. If it is a slow
time for republishing diaries using this list feel free to add voices we
haven't heard from.

1) Diaries of note
2) Diaries from an Occupy Project in an underrepresented city.
3) Breaking diaries- Those with more content taking precedence over who is
first. My style with breaking diaries is to publish the initial link and add
information as it develops and becomes known. So judgement and observation
will be important regarding these diaries.
4) Informational posts from GA's and videos from Anon and people occupying
that support the movement.
5) Front page Occupy Wall Street diaries
6) Noted Authors- Those who Occupy Wall Street follows.
Even posts on issues that we are rallying against yet do not specifically
cite the movement should be posted if they are directing towards solutions
to what caused this mess ie: banking reform, lobbying restrictions, campaign
finance etc.

If readers have other ideas of what they would like included please include
that in the comments here.

Queue Schedule:
Morning = approx. 6am - 12noon Eastern; Afternoon = approx. 12noon to 6pm Eastern; Evening= approx. 6pm-Midnight Eastern; we'll just let the middle of the night diaries be caught by the morning team the next day. An exclamation mark refers to a repeat volunteer in the same time slot.

Day and Date Morning Afternoon Evening Backup Backup
Tuesday, Oct 11 - - - boadicea! Siri!
Wednesday, Oct 12 Justina - - boadicea Siri!
Thursday, Oct 13 - - - boadicea Siri!
Friday, Oct 14 - - - boadicea -
Saturday, Oct 15 - - - - -
Sunday, Oct 16 - xylonjay! - - -
Monday, Oct 10 - - - - -

Mothership Schedule:
We try to publish the Mothership every morning Eastern time.

Day and Date Publishing Kossack Backup Backup
Tuesday, Oct 11 RiaD - -
Wednesday, Oct 12 Gustogirl - -
Thursday, Oct 13 - - -
Friday, Oct 14 Siri! - -
Saturday, Oct 15 - - -
Sunday, Oct 16 - - -
Monday, Oct 10 - - -
Morning LiveBlog: Please contact joanneleon by private message or by leaving a comment in the most recent morning LiveBlog.

Evening LiveBlog: Please join the Google Group and help us organize this.

If you need an explanation of these jobs, please check out this diary. You can volunteer in today's mothership and we will add you to the calendar!

We The People Have Found Our Voice (Occupy Wall Street) from ivarad on Vimeo.

Originally posted to Occupy Wall Street on Wed Oct 12, 2011 at 04:52 AM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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