While I don't know for certain that there's more than one, I can say with absolute certainty that one of the people on the We Are the 53% blog is a fake.

I was looking through the blog after seeing it on Real Time and noticed this guy:

Djangu Mutambe

After rolling my eyes at the derp, I thought that something didn't look right. The piece of paper he was allegedly holding up was way too big to be held up that straight. It looked like it was being pressed against glass. It would be impossible to hold up a piece of paper that big without a little wave or bend to it. So, using my less than rudimentary MS Paint skills, I clipped his right shoulder, flipped it and gave him a left shoulder. Then I blurred out some of the sign by copying the grey wall background. I created something resembling a neck by using copied sections of his skin, did the same with creating a shirt and ran it through Google images.


Turns out Mr. Djangu Mutambe is actually Mr. Adewale T Akande of Spain. He's a Road and Traffic Safety Consultant and a pretty prolific blogger about his life in Spain.

Articles by This Author

While the blog is called "Nigerians in America", all of Mr. Akande's writings reflect his current residency as being in Spain, including a blog posted in August.

So, it appears Eric Erickson, who started this Tumblr, has some explaining to do. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out other "53 percenters" aren't who they appear to be.

8:44 PM PT: It would appear "Mr. Mutambe" has been deleted from the Tumblr blog.

Originally posted to Spin This on Sat Oct 15, 2011 at 12:48 AM PDT.

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