#occupycharleston has gone from a coffee house discussion ten days ago into a full fledged, but distinctly locally flavored occupation movement.  Charleston is a historically grounded, determinedly civil city.  After several days of intense meetings under huge time pressure for all concerned, #occupycharleston and city officials forged a plan for a legally permitted 99 hour occupation of the City centered at Brittlebank Park on the Ashley River, starting at noon on Wednesday, Oct. 19.  I'm functioning as this collective effort's legal advisor, which is a novel challenge for a man whose basic question must always be "who is my client."  However we've opened wide opportunities for protest and dialogue in our blue city deep in one of the reddest states.  Full details on the local effort are emerging at www.occupycharleston.org and on facebook and twitter.  Camping and tents will both be legal at the Brittlebank encampment, which will have limited free parking, potable water, electrical power and sits on two CARTA public bus lines.

At tonight's planning meeting I'll be proposing a ten hour teach in on Thursday.  I'm hoping to schedule five of the ten hours with leaders I know and bring in other organizers to fill the other five.  We'll update a schedule on Google Calendar.  There will be book swaps associated with this evolving effort.  I'm hoping that others will organize similar efforts at the occupation for the following days.  

Here is the current evolving calender.  This is all tentative.  Nothing has yet been approved, but however it comes out, it won't be dull.


Printable Teach In Flyer, Subject to Change


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