The night of Oct. 9th, I had an idea, I'm not working, I can organize a food drive for OWS, we can deliver ! I live in Montclair New Jersey, a well to do town about 18 miles from NYC. Montclair is home to Steven Colbert, Yogi Berra, make up artist Bobbi Brown, weatherman Frank Field, Christina Ricci, Steven Spielberg, hockey player Claude Lemieux, Michael Strahan, David Tyree who made the one handed catch against his helmut in the 2008 Superbowl.

Montclair is a liberal town. At our Peace Corner we've had a protest against the Iraq war every Friday since we invaded Iraq. In Congress we're represented by Donald Payne and Bill Pascrell. In 2008 our Mayor Borrowed an "Miles" electric car and drove the EV to campaign events, or rode his bike. Last year Montclair was awarded $25,000 to build charging stations for electric cars.

Montclair is also home to many corporate CEO, traders and financial types.

SO Monday night I started networking, sending out emails, asking for volunteers to donate food for OWS and those that had a minivan, if they could drive, pay the $12 toll and pay for gas.

By Friday Oct 14th, I had a volunteer driver and 10 containers of Chili and 3 large trays of lasagna, some bottled water, salad greens and a few loaves of italian bread.

Friday Oct 21st I drove in to the Occupied kitchen and delivered 5 containers of hot food, a gallon of organic Kiwi and a big roll of plastic poly sheeting, duct tape and a box cutter to slice up the poly. Megan and her staff at the Occupied Kitchen were very grateful.

Moving on, I want to network with North Jersey Kossacks to expand this effort. There is a moveon event this sunday in Montclair, but it was filled up in a few hours. I might be able to figure out who is going and get the food drive info into their hands. NJ for Democracy links are all broken, so I cant contact or create an event in the other county chapters. SO I am reduced to facebook and email.

SO NJ Kossacks, are you in Union county? Or maybe in Passaic or Bergen counties? Or maybe you live in Middlesex? None of you live that far from Zuccotti Park, so start networking among your friends and lets roll.

Any body from Bluejersey.com? NJ-DFA? Any Camp Wellstone Alumni?

I know the Wall St area fairly well, I'll help you organize and ride shotgun to navigate. Maybe somebody from Maplewood or Millburn can step up? New Brunswick?

Originally posted to Occupy Wall Street on Sat Oct 22, 2011 at 11:12 AM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement and Progressive Hippie.

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