Below, you'll find our compendium of third quarter fundraising reports filed by House incumbents and challengers in key races across the country. Jeffmd did amazing work in automating the data-collection process; in the past, due to limitations with the FEC's web interface, we had to compile all of these numbers by hand. There's still a lot of human input involved, but Jeff eliminated the vast majority of the drudgework thanks to some skillful programming, so be sure to give him a big thank-you when you see him in comments.

As always, all numbers are in thousands. "Raised" is the amount the candidate has received in donations from outside donors during the third quarter, not including any loans. "CoH" stands for total cash-on-hand at the end of the quarter (Sept. 30). "CTD" indicates a candidate's contributions raised cycle-to-date.

With regard to redistricting, you'll also probably note that some incumbents are listed with the numbers of their old districts as opposed to the redrawn districts they have announced plans to run in. (This is especially true in California.) In the interests of simplicity, we decided to list candidates under the district numbers which their FEC reports indicated they were running in, rather than to second-guess these filings (even when candidates have made public statements about their intentions). Some candidates have updated their district numbers in their filings (for example, Gary Peters, who switched from MI-09 to MI-14), but most have not (e.g., Jerry McNerney, who is running in the new CA-09 but continues to list CA-11).

Please let us know in comments if we're missing anyone notable. Thanks!

P.S. For our 2Q roundup, click here.

7:53 AM PT: You can also view—and download—the Google Doc with our data here.

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