not welcome

The state of Tennessee is not just in the Bible Belt, it is the shiny gold buckle of the Bible Belt. "Not Welcome" chronicles the backlash against construction of a new Islamic center in Murfreesboro TN - a small Southern town with nearly 200 churches, where one mosque is one mosque too many.

Rapture ready Evangelicals parade down Main Street carrying signs of hate, a group sues to stop construction of the Islamic Center, there are shots fired, an arson and explosive town meetings as the world media focuses on this small bedroom community outside of Nashville - a town that has attracted outside lobbying interests as it becomes a battlefront in the culture war as we move ever closer to a Presidential Election season.

An up close look at this recent wave of American Islamophobia and that part of the human psyche that allows religion to divide a people.

Enjoy this Documentary short, by Eric Allen Bell.




Originally posted to Eric Allen Bell on Mon Oct 24, 2011 at 09:47 AM PDT.

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