As anyone who notices the rec list or the front page now knows, #OccupyOakland was raided by hundrededs of police this morning about 5:00 AM.  I woke up to the news, having thought that the camp was safe for the night before retiring.

For the previous two days (here and here) I attempted to spread the meme that the only way this was going to be stopped, in Oakland and elsewhere, was for the #Occupy movement and progressives everywhere to come together to tell these petty local officials that

The Whole World Is Watching!

Time to Tell The Mayor of Oakland: The Whole World is Watching!

We can't all camp but we can all pick up a phone or write an email.

But I failed. Miserably. A few phone calls and emails got sent, but nothing went viral, or even bacterial. I suck at this.

Maybe, just maybe, someone who is better at these things than I could begin to organize a defend-the-camps movement along the lines I've suggested? A front-pager perhaps? MinistryOfTruth? Someone who could make something happen and reach out to other organizations?

If we don't do something -- and I'm not saying my idea is the be all and end all of what we could do, any idea is welcome -- the powers-that-be are going to pick off these protests one by one, as as any good tactician would tell you they should be doing.

How do you think the 99% of the 99% who are not down in the trenches should best support the protesters? How can we stop these police actions (or do we even want to?) How can it be organized?

Ideas welcome!


The morning after

For the moment, if you want to express your disgust at the actions Oakland has taken, here is how:

Oakland Mayor

Jean Quan
Contact form

Sharon Cornu
Deputy Mayor for Community & Government

Oakland City Council

Jane Brunner
District 1
Chief of Staff: Zac Wald

Pat Kernighan
District 2
Chief of Staff: Jennie Gerard

Nancy Nadel
District 3
Admin. Asst.: Teresa Jackson

Libby Schaaf
District 4

Ignatio De La Fuente
District 5
  Claudia Jimenez 510-238-7051
  Lisa Ruhland 510 238-7247

Desley Brooks
District 6
Aide: Teron McGrew, 510-777-8427  

Larry Reid, Council President
District 7

Rebecca Kaplan
At Large
Media contact:
  Jason Overman
Chief of Staff:
  Andre Jones
Twitter: @Kaplan4Oakland

8:28 AM PT:
Barbara Parker, Esq.

City Attorney, City of Oakland


8:38 AM PT: Statement by the Mayor, Jean Quan:

Many Oaklanders support the goals of the national Occupy Wall Street movement. We maintained daily communication with the protest0rs in Oakland.

However, over the last week it was apparent that neither the demonstrators nor the City could maintain safe or sanitary conditions, or control the ongoing vandalism. Frank Ogawa Plaza will continue to be open as a free speech area from 6 am to 10 pm.

We want to thank the police, fire, public works and other employees who worked over the last week to peacefully close the encampment. We also thank the majority of the protestors who peacefully complied with city officials.

I commend Chief Jordan for a generally peaceful resolution to a situation that deteriorated and concerned our community. His leadership was critical in the successful execution of this operation. City Administrator Deanna Santana developed the plan and secured mutual aid from other departments and the State of California. She will direct departmental teams, including safety, public works, communications, to restore conditions at the Plaza so that it is available for public use.

The City welcomes all Oaklanders to continue to use the Plaza during daylight hours for peaceful protest.

8:46 AM PT: Tweets from a Kossack now in jail over this:

alyssa011968 Alyssa

#occupyoakland #ows police pushed I jumped didn't understand what she asked me to do since ms makes process slow she pushed hard Back in cll

2 minutes ago

alyssa011968 Alyssa

#OWS #occupyoakland police pushes me because I didn't understand she is a bitch

2 minutes ago


alyssa011968 Alyssa

Deputy N boy steel #1431 is abusive said will keep here as long as she wants please call and complain #OWS #occupyoakland

5 minutes ago

8:49 AM PT: allie123 is the Kossack in jail and tweeting

8:55 AM PT:
occupyoakland Occupy Oakland

Up to 100 arrests. Small march just got to City Hall. Press Conference there now. Everyone meet at Oak Publ. Library at 4pm #OccupyOakland

9:13 AM PT: First person account of raid

9:15 AM PT: From the first person account:

So tonight, the citizens right to peacefully assemble was halted. The media was tear gassed, and then not allowed to cover the story.

9:31 AM PT: Some local radio station wants to put me on the air!

Stay tuned.

9:32 AM PT:

Been reading your coverage of Occupy Oakland on Daily Kos.  Wondering if you are available for a quick phone interview with Thom Hartmann at 9:15am Pacific please?  Would love to have your thoughts, observations about what happened last night.

Please let me know if you're free and where I can reach you by phone.  Thank you so much for considering our request, JP.  I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Shawn Taylor

Executive Producer

The Thom Hartmann Program

9:33 AM PT: Actually I guess it's a national program.

9:51 AM PT:
kgosztola Kevin Gosztola

 by OccupyWallStNYC

Very tense at city hall conference. I suspect raid of @OccupyOakland will not play well politically among city residents.

9:59 AM PT:
nicolesandler Nicole Sandler

 by Clarknt67

RT @raymedeirosshow: #occupyOakland. Chief just admitted use of force w/ tear gas and rubber bullets #ows

10:11 AM PT:
occupyoakland Occupy Oakland

Every Hour, Every Day! OCCUPATION IS HERE TO STAY! swarm downtown 4pm. meet at 14th & Madison at library. Bring your love and rage

12:11 PM PT: Alyssa (alie123) is out!

alyssa011968 Alyssa


@NeetaLind most people still in there many taken to Santa Rita. #occupyoakland #OWS

31 minutes ago

alyssa011968 Alyssa

thanks. I am finally out. “@NeetaLind: @alyssa011968 The National Lawyer's Guild is on this now and they're looking for you.”

32 minutes ago


alyssa011968 Alyssa

#occuppyoakland #OWS just got out. Most people still in there. Plucked up form to file complaint. Think only reason I got out is a friend.

35 minutes ago

12:13 PM PT: $%%#@#^^%%^

alyssa011968 Alyssa

#occupyoakland #OWS police refuse to release my car keys

48 seconds ago

1:58 PM PT: Legal advice needed!  Is this bullshit or what?

alyssa011968 Alyssa

18 year old was in holding sell- they beat her up really bad huge cut in moh #occupyOakland #ows- 1st they hit her 58 yr old disabled mom-

3 minutes ago


alyssa011968 Alyssa

I was told that if I go back to #OccupyOakland where I was arrested they would re arrest me& not let me out until crt date- Dec 5th-bail 10K

4 minutes ago

2:01 PM PT: Dublin is a long way away (and I don't mean Ireland...)

occupyoakland Occupy Oakland

Confirmed: some arrestees were taken to Santa Rita jail in Dublin. Call 925-268-6500 to demand cite & release immediately!

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