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I am the wife of a USAF officer and the daughter of a USAF MSgt. Overall, military life has been good.

It is the future I am worried about.

My husband retires in a few years and we will be sending two boys to college. Our combined retirement and savings is enough for a down payment on a house or to help our kids with school, not both. We are the lucky ones. As an officer, my husband makes enough that we have been able to afford to save.

I am concerned jobs won't be there for my boys, nor for myself or my husband. His retirement can be taken away by Congress at any moment in time. Congress took away free health care from my Dad and other retirees back in 1995. Today, they are considering reductions not only to pensions and to healthcare for retirees, but to healthcare for families, to pension benefits for future recruits, and to commissary benefits for all.

The Pentagon and Congress always seem to find enough money for the next plane, the newest bomb, or the next unwarranted war yet they still ask veterans and their families to sacrifice more.

This military family is a part of the 99%.

Originally posted to A Progressive Military Wife on Sat Oct 29, 2011 at 10:38 AM PDT.

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