Update note: One of the boys in AYPV has had a family member killed in yesterday's Kabul suicide bombing.

Not many folks know that in Afghanistan right now there is an amazing group of young people who have for nearly two years been trying to build the foundation for peace in Afghanistan, by reaching out across tribal and ethnic lines and promoting the ideas of Gandhi and Martin Luther King.  The Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers have so far sponsored a half-dozen Global Conference Calls for Peace.  Many people from around the world have Skyped in to the youth in Kabul to share messages of peace, love, and hope for a better world.  Callers have had remarkable discussions and have been able to ask questions about what it is like for a young person living in the war zone.

Excerpts of New Years Day 2011 Conversations

The youth have begun a "Blue Scarf" movement in which the wearing of a blue scarf signifies unity in the belief that love is more powerful than war and, if we study the great teachers like Gandhi diligently, we can find a path to the world we would like our children to live in.  

Please gather a few Occupy Wall Streeters in your town to take a moment to send greetings and messages of hope.  Make a sign like "Occupy Seattle Loves Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers" or "From Occupy Dallas Hello AYPV" and attach of a photo of you and friends holding it.  Send a written message or make a video to share, ask a question.  Any artists out there who can do a rendition of the Youth Volunteers and send a picture of it?  

Here is the Facebook for AYPV where you can post a message or upload your photo or video for peace.  

Also send it via email to:
GlobalDaysOfListening AT gmail DOT com

Below is a sampling of the work of Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, and some of their stories on video.  

Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers website OurJourneyToSmile.com

Youtube channel

How to help even more...

Kabul march for peace (higher resolution image)

If You Should Kill Me Unawares

Making Gifts of Peace

Befriending a Potential Afghan Insurgent

We Fled Over the Mountains

I am a Poor Boy Looking for Love in a Desolate Land  

We Write Peace on the Mountain

Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

How to help even more...

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