Not everyone who wants to show solidarity with those who are occupying Wall Street and other cities in this country and around the world is able to participate.  Though I have been retired for a number of years, I have obligations that keep me close to home.  I am an only child and my mother is still alive.  At 97 she requires a lot of my time.  My wife has MS and is unable to care for my mother in my absence.  I also have grandchildren who my wife and I care for on a regular basis. So what to do?  How can I and others who, for whatever reason, can’t lend a physical presence do our part.  Here’s an idea I’ve seen explored on the net.  If some of us can’t take action, what if we took non-action.  How about a three day boycott of a major, world-wide corporation?

The goal would be two-fold.  First, to alert corporate America that customers really do matter and that customers do control the financial well being of their companies.  Ask Bank of America about their recent proposed debit fee and the ensuing ramifications.  Second, to require the selected company to modify their executive compensation package to be more in line with the rest of the world.

Walmart should be the target.  Walmart is large enough that the reduction of sales revenue for one weekend is not likely to cause it irreversible financial damage.  However, Walmart is not an innocent babe in the woods so the financial hit they take is not undeserved.  They have closed entire stores when workers have tried to unionize.  They have recently cut employee health benefits.  Their corporate culture allows discrimination against women seeking promotion and on and on.  The idea is that customers boycott all Walmart stores for the weekend of December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2011.  This action would occur during the very profitable holiday shopping time and revenue loss will certainly garner attention.  

The attractiveness of this concept is that no one is physically put in harm's way.  There is no violence, no property damage, etc.  No one has to put themselves in jeopardy by being identified as being part of the action.  They simply do not shop at Walmart for that weekend.  It is essentially the consumer realizing their power by denying the corporations their life blood - money.  And anyone can do it.  You don’t have to leave home or take a leave of absence from your job.  You can participate whether you are able bodied or not, employed or not or have young children or elderly parents to care for.  You can make a difference!

So what is the desired result of the effort?  A demand that the total executive compensation package for Walmart’s top leadership be adjusted so as not to exceed 30% of the average employees salary.  They aren’t likely to agree to that.  Boycott them again and again until they do agree.  And when they do, move the target to other multinationals.

America is becoming a land of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.  The top 1% is getting the bread and the rest of us are getting the crumbs!  If you’re tired of not having a voice, this is your chance to be heard - your chance to make a difference.  Join Boycott Walmart and shout out “I’m sick and tired of this, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

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