The manipulating ad begins with this deceiving  statement: "The deeper you go the more good things you learn about oil and natural gas..."

American Petroleum Institute constantly runs this ad or one of its clones to the masses

Then the spokeswoman PR lady starts uttering a whole array of (best imitation of mc cain's air quotes fingers) facts:

"An industry that supports 9.2 million jobs"

"With 20% more jobs since 2006"

"Wearefueling all kinds of jobs"

The ad closes with this sludge to pollute your brain:

"the next time we discover more oil and natural gas together underground think of all the good it means above ground.

As this empty suit speaks this diarrhea of the mouth, the lady magically travels in a clear platinum finished pipe, errrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I mean elevator, which seamlessly travels through the underground which happens to be pitch dark  black where no soil or clean water exists. Then this shaft rises through the "above ground" people's homes where they eat, sleep watch tv, talk with family, with absolutely no complications.

Not one whatsoever.  

The magic of tv disinfects and disregards the real life consequences that we all know so well if we don't safeguard our precious natural resources we need for our health and well being. That we need to focus on natural energy of solar and wind.  

But wait, that isn't what the American Petroleum Institute wants your to believe. You see their youtube site is under one simple encompassing name: energy

Well that's it. Now lets show them what we think about their sludge peddling.

Just go to this youtube ad's webpage and give it a 'thumb's down' if you are a member of youtube. If you are not a member, you can sign up which takes a few minutes. Also leave a response. I'm sure they want to hear the 'above ground' people's feedback.  

Let them know, that together, we aren't buying what you are selling and GET OFF MY LAWN!

Have a delightful Sunday everyone!


I went to the API youtube ad and...

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