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6:56 PM PT: Wow. VA Dem state House minority leader Ward Armstrong has lost.

6:58 PM PT: Unsurprisingly, most of the statewide races in MS have already been called by the AP. The one Dem statewide officeholder, AG Jim Hood, has cruised to re-election with 64% of the vote.

7:01 PM PT: Polls have closed in Iowa, where the special election in SD-18 will determine control of the (currently Dem-held) state Senate.

7:03 PM PT: In Erie County (NY), home of Buffalo, GOP County Exec Chris Collins has a narrow lead, 52-48, with just 5% reporting.

7:04 PM PT: The pivotal race in Virginia is SD-17. Edd Houck (the Dem) leads by 151 votes. There are 3 precincts outstanding. 2 of those are likely to favor the Dems (1 in Albermarle Co, one in Fredericksburg city). 1 is GOP (Spotsylvania Co.)

7:04 PM PT: Still on Virginia, Dems are poised to lose one seat: SD-20. Roscoe Reynolds (D) is losing by about 650 votes with 2 precincts left.

7:07 PM PT: Virginia: Dems look likely to hold their other tossup, SD-38. Phil Puckett (D) leads 52-48. Dems also look likely to hold their other leaning seats, like the 1st (Miller), 21st (Edwards), 36th (Puller), and 37th (Marsden).

7:11 PM PT: Paul Scott has just pulled back ahead in his recall fight. With 57% reporting, he's up barely half a percent.

7:13 PM PT: No surprise: GOP Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant just elected governor of Mississippi. Winning by about 59-41 right now.

7:14 PM PT (Kaili Joy Gray): The liveblog continues in thread #8.

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