Im on a bus to NYC so, this will be quick.

occupy Youngstown has been evicted, but people are determine to stay.

YOUNGSTOWN — About a dozen city police officers and firefighters confiscated a tent, burn barrel, three chairs and several wooden signs this morning from the Occupy Youngstown site in Central Square.

There were four Occupy Youngstown members at the location when police and fire arrived around 7:30 a.m. today, said Luke Walker, who was among the four.

An officer gave the group a five-minute warning that the items would be confiscated, Walker said.

The occupiers received a hand delivered letter on Thursday from Youngstown chief of police:

Police Chief Rod Foley hand-delivered a letter to the group around noon Thursday, ordering them to remove the tent, barrel and other items by midnight, citing city-ordinance violations.

If you can, let them know you're watching, that we're all pulling for them on their Facebook page. #OccupyYoungstown Facebook

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