Welcome to Team Shalom Fry'd Daze. Fry'd Daze was a long running series dedicated to dialogue in the Middle East. For a while I pulled it, but recently was asked to bring it back and decided that I should. These diaries are not intended to be a flame forum, but rather something where community members can meet and exchange ideas about I/P and/or issues that concern the Middle East.

Generally, these diaries take the form of four to five news articles and short commentary selected by the diarist. These stories however, are just a platform to get discussion going. The diaries from now on will publish under the banner of the  Team Shalom

What is Team Shalom:

"Team Shalom is Team Peace. We are a group of Kossacks supporting a fair, pragmatic, and realistic resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the two-state solution. We support Israel's continued existence as a Jewish and democratic state, with it existing alongside Palestine, a Palestinian and democratic state, as friends and neighbors. We believe this is the only way forward and the only way to achieve an enduring peace. This is the view endorsed by the overwhelming majority of the world's nations, including the Quartet, which consists of the United States, Russia, the European Union, and the United Nations."

So please participate. The only thing we ask is that you keep comments respectful, reality based and please no use of Anti-Semetic or Anti-Arab memes. Enjoy!

Hi all... for our first story we have a story coming out of the United Nations: UN Security Council panel fails to agree on Palestinian statehood bid

A UN Security Council committee said on Friday it had failed to reach agreement over a Palestinian application for full membership in the United Nations, the Portuguese UN ambassador said.

The decision by the council's admissions committee brought the Palestinian Authority's push for UN recognition of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, one step closer to collapse.

It is now up to Palestinians, who have so far been unable to secure the nine votes needed to pass a Security Council resolution favoring their UN bid, to decide whether or not to call a vote on their application.

With seemingly no chance to get through the Security Council it had been rumored that the Palestinian Authority was dropping it's bid for Statehood. However, sources inside the P.A. are denying that. At this point many observers seem to feel that the bid must continue to the General Assembly where though they have a large amount of support, approval by the U.N.G.A. means little in terms of making a difference on the ground.

This comes on the heels of the PLO's succesful bid to be recognized by UNESCO a move that then prompted the U.S. to cut off funding for the organization and throwing it into a tailspin. Currently UNESCO is looking at large scale cut backs in it's programming and is being faced with the further difficulty that those states that backed the Palestinian bid are refusing to back up their bid with money to make up for the shortfall.

Our second story comes in light of a diary by Kossak The Troubador who mentioned last night that Palestinians were planning a demonstation in the West Bank regarding freedom of movement to and from Jewish settlements, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. One of the complaints listed was that Palestinians do not have freedom to move and it was compared to the U.S. freedom riders.

But just today a story comes to light explaining the precarious security situation in the territories. The Fars agency in Iran is saying that if Israel were to strike it they would send 30,000 suicide bombers thru Syria to infiltrate and attack Israeli targets:

The agency, which is associated with the Revolutionary Guards, reported that the men have sent a petition to the Syrian government expressing their willingness to help it through "any crisis" which may arise with Israel.

"They have asked the Syrian government for authorization to infiltrate occupied Palestinian land and carry out suicide missions against Israeli soldiers," the report stated. The article mentions the last 'Nakba Day' during which five Palestinians infiltrated Israel and were arrested by security forces.

"The petition said that those who signed it have passed military, combat and tactical trainings and are ready to tolerate the hardest conditions in Israel," the report said.

"In case a crisis is caused by Israel, these men can give Netanyahu's government serious problems."

Our third story comes from Maan News: Ex-prisoner on hunger strike over PA inaction

NABLUS (Ma’an) -- A released Palestinian prisoner, Amal Jumaa, 41, announced Thursday she had started a hunger strike because Palestinian Authority officials have failed to provide her medical treatment.

Jumaa told Ma’an that she has been in hospital for 13 days and wanted to "officially announce today an open hunger strike because they failed to provide necessary treatment for me."

President Abbas "issued a directive to transfer me abroad for treatment. I've been waiting for days."....

...The minister of health, Fathi Abu Moghli, has also been following up on her condition for quite a long time, and "he visited her family two years ago when she was still in prison."

He says the ministry has provided all necessary treatment through the public hospital. However, at her family’s request, she was moved to a private hospital, he says. He added that based on the decision by Abbas, officials are working to issue a passport and a health file to make arrangements for transferring her to Jordan.

Hamas officials immediately decried the treatment saying that health care for released prisoners is a "moral duty".

Please discuss... Shalom

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