The patience of the 1% seems to be running out.  Occupy Locations here and worldwide are being broken up by police, many in riot gear and some using pepper spray and other non-lethal methods to disperse the crowds.  

I snarked on Saturday that the Mayors must have all read the Memo:  EVICT Occupiers

Well, I guess they did chat:

Conspiracy theorists are going to love this one. In an interview with the BBC, Mayor Quan admitted that she discussed dismantling Occupy Oakland with Mayors from 18 other cities

Question:  If police are successful in breaking up the camps, what next?  Protesting 9 - 5 and weekends?  We have to keep the pressure on because we are making a difference.

Anyway, I volunteer to keep this Eviction  Report running so we can see the trends.  I am sure I am missing some, if you hear of any other evictions, please drop a comment below and I will add to this compilation.  Thanks.  Also some questions are arising.

Are there enough evictions to see a trend?  Is there enough police brutality to see a trend?  There have been four deaths in/near Occupy camps this week.  These are being cited as reasons for closing the Occupy Camps:  Portland, Oakland, Vermont, and Salt Lake.  Could this be happening elsewhere, too:

NYPD try new way to break up Occupy Wall Street – send in the homeless and the drunks

Sad Day for America and the World.  Seriously, how much would it have cost for Bloomberg to provide a few NYPD to Protect Liberty Park.  But no, the 1% can't have the American Dirty Laundry exposed to the entire world.  Well, OOPS, Mayor B.  The whole world watched your Thuggery and disregard for peoples personal property.

Shame on the Mayors of America and the 1% they work for.

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Eugene

Occupy Youngstown evicted 7:30am, November 11, 2011

Occupy Oakland

As veterans and their supporters march in downtown, police are distributing eviction notices to campers at Occupy Oakland. The move comes one day after a man -- whose name has not been released by police -- was shot and killed after an apparent fight near the Occupy Oakland tent city. The mayor and other city leaders are stepping up calls for the camp to disband.

6 p.m. Mayor: Occupy Oakland 'risks are too great'

Campers are wadding up and tossing out the eviction notices they were served earlier, while Mayor Jean Quan defended issuing the notices.

Occupy Salt Lake has been given 24 hours to vacate the camp.
"The body of a man was found today around 10am in a tent with a camp stove and a syringe," organizers said on their Twitter account.  

The Police Chief said that was one death too many.  Keep in mind that Occupy Salt Lake is in Pioneer park where the homeless have been hanging out for years.  There is a homeless shelter across the street.

Occupy Santa Cruz ordered to leave by November 16th.

Occupy Tulsa Livestream-Police Evict Protesters

Occupy Richmond  Bulldozers

Police Evict (Un)occupy Protesters From UNM Campus, New Mexico

Police Evict Occupy-Omaha Protesters from Lot

Occupy Chicago protesters defy order to leave park

Occupy Detroit Eviction: Police Post Curfew Notices In Grand Circus Park

Occupy Atlanta given order to leave Woodruff Park

Occupy Portland, Oregon

Occupy Fresno

Occupy Denver, violent, picture rich

Occupy Nashville

Occupy St Louis

Oakland, California

Occupy Whitehorse, Yukon

Providence, Rhode Island

Occupy Detroit pending

Occupy Mobile

Occupy the Vatican

'Occupy' Honolulu protesters arrested after refusing to leave city park

Occupy Seattle


Occupy Toronto Attempted Eviction May Displease the Lord

Mayors across Canada frustrated with Occupy protests

Occupy Halifax - Arrests as Halifax cops evict Occupy protesters

Occupy the Vatican

Occupy London, Ontario

Occupy Regina protesters given eviction notice

Victoria, Quebec City, Vancouver

Occupy Quebec protesters ordered to leave park

Outside North America:

Occupy Bournemouth: Eviction Update This is quite interesting.  Occupiers winning in court, they have friends in high up places.

Riot police evict Occupy Sydney protesters

Occupy Brisbane


French police evict Occupy La Défense camp

The French YouTube videos have been disabled.  You can watch the clash with riot police here:  http://www.youtube.com/...

Police evict Occupy Berlin  Pepperspray, but not in the dark of night.


Rochester, New York
Occupy Dallas mayor says no immediate action on Occupy activists after judge OKs eviction

City: No plans to evict Occupy Maine


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